July means only one thing in Indiana….FAIR TIME!!  Counties all over the state are gathering their best tractors, animals and 4-H projects to showcase everything that living in the heartland encompasses and dreaming of blue ribbons. The hard work of all of these animal owners and their dedication of trying to be the best in their class is amazing. The pigs are polished. The cows are cuddled.  The bunnies are buffed.  The horses are hugged.  The children are clapping.  The pies are primed.  The canned goods are cooked.  The quilts are queued up on the wall.  And the snacks are on sticks! I like going toRead More →

Have you tried any new foods lately?  Not just tried them but learned a way to like them?  Do you do it willingly or is there some hesitation?  Will you taste it multiple times to see if you truly like it or are you a one bite and done? Even in all my food adventures, I sometimes get my picky girl face on when it comes to something different.  Even before it hits my mouth, I start with a forehead wrinkle and a very straight face.  I take a bite with uncertainty and hope I like it. The bad thing is that I think weRead More →

Did you ever have a VCR?  Do you remember when you would try to get to a certain point on a tape and hit the fast forward?  You could watch all the characters move super-fast and it was almost as fun as watching the movie. The challenge was always getting it to go exactly to your exact stop point.  You go back and forth….back and forth….back and forth.  And you usually don’t get to the point you want to be at so you just stop and watch time go from there. I feel that is the way life is right now.  I look at theRead More →

Tomorrow is Tuesday!!!!  Do you observe Taco Tuesday?  I write that like it is a religious holiday and to some it is one.  Simply, it is the weekly ritual of eating tacos on Tuesday.  (It would be cool if there was a little more than that like maybe doing a shred the cheese dance or a tortilla fling to the sky to thank the taco gods.) I think when the term was first coined, a fast food taco joint took credit for it and tried to own the name….and we all know Taco Tuesday can’t be owned!!! You can make your tacos at home andRead More →

Mierda.  Cabron.  Cojeme.  Que chingados!  Me cago en la leche! Que? I had this whole wonderful post written up about Cinco de Mayo and then had an issue with my server.  (Not my server at a restaurant….my website server.) I am not a computer whiz so this gets me really frustrated fast.  I was trying to entertain myself while waiting for tech help to answer and I looked up some Spanish swear words.  (See above.) I then started to think to myself “How did I not learn any words after two years in Spanish class in high school?”  (I did remember the word baño becauseRead More →

You know what I hate? Technology. Not all technology….just when it makes life more difficult. You know little things like when you are doing the self-checkout at the grocery store and the machine won’t read your barcode because it is crinkled. Wasn’t it just easier to type in the barcode than to wait for some grocery store technician to come and override the system? Or the minute you are trying to take a picture with your cell phone and it wont allow you because it claims you have no memory. When I had a film camera, I KNEW when I needed more film and neverRead More →

Are all habits considered bad? I mean when you hear someone mention having a habit, is it common for them to say “I have such a good habit…..” When was the last time you heard your sister say “I have such a good habit of doing my dishes right away.” NO, she is more likely to say “I have a bad habit of leaving my dishes in the sink to soak.” (Not that my precious sister would EVER procrastinate doing things like that…I just used the term “sister” to give you a visual.) I’ve got some good AND bad habits. My good ones would probablyRead More →

My apologies to Vanilla Ice.  I know he likes to cook so I am hoping this will be flattering to him…. Be happy right now that I did not make a video to accompany my mutilation of this awesome classic rap song. Yo, homecooks, let’s kick it! Rice rice baby Rice rice baby All right stop Collaborate and listen Rice is back with my brand new invention Something grabs a hold of me tightly Then I flow with a spoon daily and nightly Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know Turn on the stove and it’ll glow To the extreme I rock a spatulaRead More →

Birthday Songs. Do people still ask restaurants to sing to the birthday person when celebrating a special occasion? It seems that about 20-30 years ago that was the thing to do. You could do it one of two ways. When your server came to the table you could just blatantly tell them that it was someone’s birthday. There would be hopes of all of the servers gathering around your table with a plate full of whipped cream topped with a candle to honor the birthday person. The song would be quick, the birthday person would blush and it would be over. This technique wasn’t alwaysRead More →

Wanna hear me scream?! Arghhhh! (Wait, it came out like I was scared….kind of high and screechy.) ARRGHHHHH! (There we go that one was a bit deeper and throaty.) Why do I scream you ask? I kind of have something that irritates me and I need to get it off of my back. (I also have an itchy spot on the center of my back that irritates me in the winter. I found a disposable chopstick can reach it perfectly but the only problem is that it itches 20 minutes later.) The real issue is that the thing that bothers me is something I amRead More →