How often do you think of grammar, parts of speech or word origins? (If you are a regular reader of Felt Like a Foodie you are saying that I don’t think about it enough!)  Do you get excited when you see your favorite noun in a sentence?  Does it make your skin crawl if you see a missing apostrophe or comma?  Maybe you just smile when you conjugate a verb? I was walking the dog the other day and started to think about compound words.  (In case you need a refresher….compound words are when you put to words together and they form a different wordRead More →

How do you feel about substitutions?  Do always cut up your garlic or do you sometimes take a scoop from the jar?  Do you make your beef stock from scratch or do you have a favorite boxed brand?  Do you always put real cream in your coffee or do use a “creamer?” This week I started to think about this topic (actually I thought about it last week but my dog was sick and have any time to write).  I love to go for sushi and I LOOOOOVE wasabi.  It has always been amazing to me that every restaurant has a different zing to theirRead More →

The week of Thanksgiving….the week that is supposed to be dedicated to food…the week where I really don’t have much to do in the kitchen?  Whaaaat?  Thanksgiving is my husband’s family’s holiday.  I have yet to offer up my house as the destination because in 19 years of marriage….because honestly….it has never been my favorite holiday. I guess I haven’t been a fan of the mandated food requirements or the stress of timing it all.  My fondest memories are of those as a kid at my grandparent’s or aunt/uncle’s homes.  (Or the year my sister made a cranberry shoot out her nose….that was probably myRead More →

It is dreadful….absolutely dreadful. Have you been watching the news? It is absolutely scandalous. I just can’t believe that they had the audacity to do such a thing. Oh wait, you have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m talking about some headline news I saw about 2 weeks ago that has put me into such shock that I’ve barely had the good sense to write anything. (My faithful readers are now saying “Does she ever have any sense?”) The news I’m talking about is that a major coffee chain is now serving their famous pumpkin spice flavored espresso drinks NOW in September!!!! Eeeeek! Apparently,Read More →

I know the Olympics are over and I didn’t watch one event or follow it on the news. It isn’t that I am un-American (I’m wearing my USA undies as I type this) but I had a bad Olympics experience that really kept me from really ever wanting to watch them again. I would love to say it is an exciting story like one day I was standing on the street waiting for the torch to pass. As the torch passed, the runner pulled a hamstring, tripped and almost set me on fire. I spent years being scared of runners and torches ever since. Nope,Read More →

Finally… feels like spring!!!!!!!! HOOOORAY!!!!! My chore list for outside is a mile long but I am putting my vegetable garden first. I had started seeds inside this year and will confess that it was a complete fail. My yield was in the single digits. Sigh. I don’t know if I planted the seeds too early, if it was too cold or maybe they just didn’t get enough tender loving care. Any which way, they are dead. DEAD AS A DOORNAIL!!!!!!! I think I ended up with more dirt in the dustpan than in my garden! I was pretty upset at first but that isRead More →

How many things do you take for granted?   It could it be something as amazing as a sunrise or basic as the smell of your soap. It could be a special moment like having a coffee with your mom or a lunch with a friend. Whatever it is, you may not think twice about it because you are so used to having it you life. We went away the other week and I really thought about this topic. My husband and I watched the sunrise over the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and after seeing it, I don’t know why I don’t watch the sunrise everyRead More →

I did something really immature a couple of days ago. (I am sure some of you are saying, “Tell us when you aren’t immature.”) I’m not exactly proud of the moment but given the circumstances I think it was warranted. It occurred in our car and it was all I could do not to start a fight with my husband. (Our car fights are legendary. I usually end up losing my cool because I get too hungry, start to cry and then threaten to fling myself out of the car….and amazingly these are not the immature moments I am writing about today.) Our rule isRead More →

Helllllooo July! I can’t believe you are here are here already. I haven’t had a chance to picnic or go to the beach. I haven’t gotten one tomato out of the garden and I’ve only worn shorts a couple of times. My patio furniture is still in storage and my hammock is all rolled up. I feel like this summer has been flying by and I for some reason I just can’t catch up. Speaking of ketchup (I also haven’t had time to figure out a better segue)….did you see the big news? I never thought I’d live to see it happen but Summer ofRead More →

Power is a dangerous thing. It can make a person crazy, wild and vicious. It can make you do irrational things and sometimes make poor decisions. It can be like an evil villain depending on who has it. (I am not speaking of myself…never.) It also can be wielded nicely. (This is me.) It can be used brilliantly as a tool on a complicated piece of machinery. It also can be the building block to many bigger things. Power is the control some of us need to make our lives move forward. Our house has a great balance of power. The outside seems to beRead More →