Moist. Mooooist. MOIST. MOIST!!!! I have just read a bunch of articles that state that the word “moist” makes people feel uncomfortable.  (This article from Mental Floss was my favorite.) Apparently, it is now a word that people avoid at all costs….but not me…the word moist is not the worst word out there right now. Election….that word sends chills down my spine. Every time the news, Facebook or a friend brings it up, I want to run and hide. I’ve tried avoiding controversy and have told people I don’t talk politics. It doesn’t stop the chatter….it just gives a platform for them to just talk…andRead More →

500. One day you are sitting on your favorite corner spot on the couch and your spouse says, “You should start a blog. People are always talking to you about food and this would be a great way for you to share everything you have learned. Make it funny and be true to yourself. Add some pictures of yourself too because you are also the most beautiful person to walk the face of this Earth.” (Okay, parts of that may not be a direct quote but the conversation went something like that.) Okay, I’ll do it!!!! I started slowly and tried to learn my voice.Read More →

Barb was lying in the hammock in the back yard reading a book that her friend told her about, Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal. She was only a couple of chapters into the book and was thoroughly enjoying it. She was kind of surprised that she was taking so much pleasure in this particular read because it was written in the third person. In her life, she knew two things that she usually didn’t like in books….third person writing and English humor. (Sorry England, Benny Hill ruined it for her as a child.) As she continued to read the story, sheRead More →

Do you procrastinate? Maybe you wait until the last minute to write bills. It could be that you don’t fold your laundry until you start wearing your undies inside out.   (I don’t do that but I do know someone who does….consider this your warning that I’m going to name names!) It might be as simple as delaying listening to messages until bedtime so you don’t have to call people back. (This way you aren’t lying when you say “I got your message so late, I didn’t want to call back and wake you.” Obviously, I showed all my cards on that one!) I really don’tRead More →

Do you remember that moment you fell in love? I’m not talking about only falling in love with a person; I’m talking about falling in love with a “thing.” Maybe you fell in love with a house that was on your block that seemed like a dream home. Maybe it was a car that your friend’s dad drove and you knew one day you’d search until you had one just like it. It can even be something like a dog breed that for some reason makes you smile just by looking at it. All of my love moments are set in my head like theyRead More →