We are always in a process of learning. We can be listening to the radio, reading a book or even while watching TV; our brains love to absorb something new. (They are like the sponges you buy in a warehouse store!) I try to keep my brain happy and give it new information every day. Usually I will hear one thing I don’t know and then try to find more data. (By data, I mean “facts” on the Internet!) So the other week I made Chicken Tikka Masala and thought it would be great to write a blog on Indian food and start delving intoRead More →

I have not written a post for over a week. I have to admit, I haven’t written because I’ve been kind of angry. I don’t feel well….again. It is rare that I have a pity party that lasts more than a day but this one I’ve had trouble shaking. Just as my energy started to become a little stronger, something due to my Crohn’s Disease has hit me and knocked me on my butt. (And if you have seen my butt you will know there isn’t much padding for me to land on.) This little setback has made me furious. I have cancelled dates withRead More →

My tomatoes are not doing well this year. They are getting too much rain. So instead of having my usual bounty of July tomatoes, I have very tall green plants. The only thing red in my garden right now is my watering can! So when Red Gold Tomatoes and Laura’s Lean Beef (Laura’s Lean Beef is Kentucky based company that produces lean, hormone-free natural beef) asked me to participate in their Summer Grilling Giveaway, I was happy to have a project with some good tomatoes. (Red Gold Tomatoes are my favorite next to my own!) Besides coming up with some delicious recipes for the grill,Read More →

Most of my reader’s know that I rarely if ever write up a post BEFORE an event happens. I usually like to write from my personal experience and go from there. (Let’s face it…I’m a story teller not a reporter.) So after I wrote the piece about Chef Sarah Stegner earlier this week, I felt I really wanted to promote the Green City Market BBQ that is being thrown next week, July 16, 2015. (Click here for ticket information.) Unless you live under a rock, you know this year in the Midwest the weather has been unusually wet and cold. It is making the yearRead More →

Ooooo.   Aaaaahhhh. OOOOooo. Aaaaah. Did you make a lot of those sounds this weekend as you watched fireworks? I love Ooooo and Aaaaahhh moments. They are moments that not only light up your eyes but they light up your heart. I had an Ooooo/Aaahhhh moment last week that had nothing to do with fireworks but it is one of those days that I won’t forget because it lit up my world. I spend considerable time reading about chefs. I like to read everything from where they started to where they are today. (I sound like a stalker but I’m not….really…I’m not!) One chef that IRead More →

Helllllooo July! I can’t believe you are here are here already. I haven’t had a chance to picnic or go to the beach. I haven’t gotten one tomato out of the garden and I’ve only worn shorts a couple of times. My patio furniture is still in storage and my hammock is all rolled up. I feel like this summer has been flying by and I for some reason I just can’t catch up. Speaking of ketchup (I also haven’t had time to figure out a better segue)….did you see the big news? I never thought I’d live to see it happen but Summer ofRead More →