Eeeeek!!! Another month has flown by and I ALMOST didn’t keep my resolution to cook every cover this year of Bon Appétit. I will admit I was lulled into a false sense of security when I first looked at April’s cover. The theme of this issue was “Cook like a pro…How to Make Amazing Restaurant Food at Home.” I was thrilled because I thought I was just going to get to recreate the fun scrapbook look of this cover. (You know I love any excuse to break out a glue stick.) I had it all set in my head that I was going to doRead More →

Yesterday was a huge day for Felt Like a Foodie. Most importantly, I am proud to say that this little blog has received 1 MILLLION hits!! I am so grateful to all of you who keep coming back to read my food adventures. (And for those of you who I promised a nudey picture at 1 Million hits, it is in the mail.) My other big adventure yesterday was competing in the finals of Baconfest 2014 amateur cook off. This was my first year physically competing after striving to be part of this event for 3 years. The entry that FINALLY made it to theRead More →

Of all the classes I read about in The Chopping Block’s Cooking Lab, I knew I was going to be “fond” of class number 3.   It was all about developing flavors and understanding the roles emulsifiers, thickeners and starches play in some of my favorite things like sauces, soups and vinaigrettes. I knew this was going to be fascinating because I am literally fond of fond (the brown yummy stuff that sticks to your pan). Have you ever just scooped up a spoonful and popped it in your mouth? It is the essence of all the good things that can come out of your meal.Read More →

Hooray! It is starting to feel like spring. The birds are chirping like crazy, the grass is greening up and rumor has it there are some baby bunnies hopping around our neighborhood. (I can’t wait to see the bunnies!) Another big sign of spring is seeing all the stuff you should have gotten done around your house this winter but you didn’t because it was too cold and it felt more rewarding to sit under a warm blanket. I’ve been making some progress cleaning but find I am really tired at dinnertime so I don’t want to cook a “real” dinner. I just want toRead More →

Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle?  Do you look at the picture on the box, study the design and think about the pieces?  Or do you just dump the box on the table, find the edges and think of the picture components as you go along? I have always been a box dumper and realized that has also been my approach to cooking in the past. I dump my ingredients on the counter, look at my recipe and just go along.  But I think I need to start looking at the whole picture and thinking about my pieces. Monday I went to my secondRead More →

No matter how I look at it…today I am 44. When I had my last birthday, I must say I didn’t feel much like celebrating.  We had just lost Shadoe and I didn’t know how I was going to recover from that pain.  I think of it now like a skinned knee with an old Band-Aid on it.  It doesn’t matter how you rip off that Band-Aid, it is going to hurt.  Some people like the slow tear and others like it to go quickly.  I just know that it doesn’t matter how that Band-Aid comes off; the pain of the skinned knee will stillRead More →

I have lost count of how many classes I have taken at The Chopping Block over the years.  Usually the class has a distinct theme (Thai, Julia Child, Pasta) and an exciting experience of cooking and eating fills my evening. Last night, I went to my first of four Cooking Lab Classes and I knew I was in for an entirely different experience.  With warm welcomes from owner, Shelley Young, and the one of my favorite chefstructors, Mario, I was perplexed at the table set up. The food was a mix between a 6 year old’s birthday party and a bad case of the munchies. Read More →

It is that time of year….deviled egg season.  When I started to create this year’s variations, I had to admit something to myself.  I don’t know where chicken babies come from. One of our friends brought me 2 dozen beautiful, fresh farm eggs.  Talk about authentic…they still had hay and poop on them!  (The poop was kind of gross but it made me feel these eggs were more legit.) As I cleaned off my eggs, I started to freak out that I was going to find an underdeveloped chicken in one of them.  How do the farmer’s know what the heck is going on inRead More →