School days.   School Days.  Learn some sushi rules days.  Toasted nori, fish and some sticky rice.  Put together to make my weekend nice. It is that time of year when I hear this song over and over in my head.  (I may have changed the words just a little.)  I start seeing the ads on TV for back to school and it reminds me that I need to continue learning about food and different cooking techniques. Even though I have taken multiple classes on sushi, I like to take a refresher every year.  So when I heard Shaw’s Crab House was offering not one butRead More →

The last two years, I have planted a garden loaded with different varieties of tomato plants.  As much as I don’t like playing in the dirt, I do love watching the show as stems grow and the little buds magically turning into beautiful tomatoes.  (And if I could bottle the fragrance emitted from these plants, I think I would be rich.) The colors of the tomatoes range from a bright sunshiny yellow to a rich purple to a glorious red.  It is like watching a movie directed by Mother Nature as I see the colors change over the season. And after they are picked, theirRead More →

The idiom “like two peas in a pod” can reference a lot of people in my life.  I don’t think it would be too hard to fit into a pod with me.  I have a lot of interests like dogs, crafts and cooking.  (I even have some interests that you may not know about yet.) But where is the saying for the friend who you absolutely love but don’t necessarily have all the commonalities?  Are you not allowed to be “peas in a pod”?  Maybe we are just “chick peas?”  A couple of gals who just enjoying each other’s friendship. I started thinking about thisRead More →

I love the cliché a picture is worth a thousand words.  When a person says it, you can comprehend easily the feelings they are trying to convey.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am RARELY speechless.  (Inarticulate, yes.  Speechless, no.)  So when I am dumbstruck for words, you know it has to be big. Well today’s post is going to consist of A LOT of pictures because I had the experience of a lifetime on Tuesday night and I can barely think straight. I had the honor of sitting at the Chef’s Table at Mercat a la Planxa (638 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago) during theirRead More →

It is not rare for me to meet people who love food.  We are everywhere!!  Usually in the first few minutes of a conversation, we share our mutual adoration of the subject matter, make yummy noises, and swap recipes. What has been rare is meeting a vegan who shares this mutual love of food.  I am by no means inferring that a vegan can’t love food.  (I think I probably repelled them with my bacon sweat.)  I just didn’t know enough about the topic UNTIL I met Laurie Rice (Wild Rice, Valparaiso, IN). Laurie has been a practicing vegan for decades and recently started aRead More →

It is August.  It is August?  It is August!!!  Anyway I type it, I can’t get over how quickly this year is flying by!  Everyone I know is busy (I am starting to hate that word) and can’t seem to fit in all the events that life has to offer. I am no different.  The days on my calendar are filling up and there are just some outings that I just have to miss.  (I am going to update my Foodie News page this weekend so you can keep up on food opportunities that you may want to participate in this month.) I’m not sureRead More →