I’m sick.  Not the “head cold, I get to stay home sick” but the “time to go to the hospital sick.”  I was really trying not to post on it because I was hoping it would magically go away.  (I also believe in unicorns just so you understand what is real to me.) I haven’t cooked in over a week.  I can barely eat.  As I have shared before, I have Crohn’s.  Every bite of food that passes my lips right now, gives me a stomachache.  None of this is fun and I really didn’t think it would be interesting reading.  (Unless you have Crohn’sRead More →

Last week for my birthday, I received a wonderful gift.  A magic wand!  My wand, like most cool magical items, had a list of rules and regulations.  (I hate magic wand red tape.)  One rule was that I could only use one wish a month.  (It did not say anything about rollover wishes so I would need to wish wisely.) As I tested my wand with twirls and whirls, my husband was watching the Cubs game.  Without thinking, I wished out loud “I wish we could watch this game in a chef driven sports bar and not in our living room.”  (After the game, IRead More →

The last few weeks my creativity in the kitchen has been on a spring break.  It was a calm spring break so there is no fear that my creative side will end up in another scandal on the Internet.  (Wait, did she say another?) My creative side has allowed some of my old stand-bys take over at mealtime and allowed my brain to rest.  (Now by my writing style most of you already think my brain may be resting too much.)  I’ve done simple things like braise short ribs, make simple pasta sauces and relied on recipes I find in magazines. Last month, I enjoyedRead More →

Thank you to everyone who has been writing in about the loss of my dog.  I just got into the kitchen a couple of days ago and will do a recipe post early next week. Every year on my birthday, I take a moment to sit down and write about the previous year and take that moment to create a memory.  I don’t think I want to remember a lot about my 42nd year. I kept thinking about it and all I could think of was that it was the good, the bad and the ugly. The good:  My husband, first and foremost.  There areRead More →

My Dear Readers: I wanted to let you know why I haven’t written anything new over the past week.  My dog died.  It is that simple or maybe not so simple. Shadoe was our 14.5 year old German Shep/Lab.  My husband gave her to me on our first married Christmas.  She has been my faithful companion and over the past couple of years refused to leave my side.  And in all honesty, I didn’t leave her side unless I really had to go somewhere. I am not a stress eater so I haven’t set foot in the kitchen or thought about food in days.  I’mRead More →