I’m sick.  Not the “head cold, I get to stay home sick” but the “time to go to the hospital sick.”  I was really trying not to post on it because I was hoping it would magically go away.  (I also believe in unicorns just so you understand what is real to me.)

I haven’t cooked in over a week.  I can barely eat.  As I have shared before, I have Crohn’s.  Every bite of food that passes my lips right now, gives me a stomachache.  None of this is fun and I really didn’t think it would be interesting reading.  (Unless you have Crohn’s then this is just fascinating, Pulitzer Prize kind of stuff!)

Today I was having some more tests done at the hospital.  I did the routine of putting on the enormous gowns that swallow me up, telling my long history and allowing myself to cry.  I shared with the staff my love of food and how hard this current issue has been on me.

One of my new favorite people in this world, Chuck, said you should write about it.  Chuck, in my eyes, is kind of like a unicorn.  He is magical and he was so perfect in his actions that he couldn’t possibly be real.  His bedside manner helped me laugh my way through one of the many humiliating tests that just go along with the disease.

Chuck made me feel like it is okay to share even though this is a food blog and not a sick people blog.  He epitomized what people in the healthcare industry have done for me over the years, they have taught me a way to hold my head up and know that it is going to be okay.

I’m not sure what the next few weeks are going to hold for me.  (Or I should say us because my husband is in this with me every step of the way….thankfully.)  I will be back in the kitchen soon and hopefully I’ll be able to share something more creative then the “Joys of Hospital Food” or “How to Imagine Your Ice Chips Are Real Food.”

Until then, thanks for your support.  You will never know how much this small town food blog has meant to me.