Yipppeee!  Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend!!  I am so excited I could just burst.  Congrats to the Patriots and Giants. (Okay, I had to look all of this information up.) I don’t follow football.  And I don’t mean that I don’t watch it.  I watch it and just don’t follow what the heck is happening. I have a lot of questions like wouldn’t “rock, paper, scissors” be more interesting than a coin toss? And how do you “stiff arm” someone if you aren’t in a car, breaking quickly? It is all very confusing to me but I do sit with my hubby when heRead More →

2:34.  2:34? 2:34!  Why the heck did I wake up at 2:34?!  Now according to my husband, I was not fully awake.  I would have to agree.  I remember lifting my head, looking at the clock and plopping my head back on my pillow. I know I didn’t fully go to sleep for a few reasons.  First, my husband said I kept muttering it was a “bad time.”  I don’t know what that means.  Unless it is what a wife usually says to a husband in the middle of the night when she is trying to sleep.  (In his defense, I don’t think that wasRead More →

If you live in the Midwest, there is one thing you are talking about right now…the weather.  I don’t know why it surprises us every year because the same thing happens EVERY year. Winter comes.  We all say to each other what a mild winter it has been so far.  We talk of how it feels like spring and how this is the best winter ever.  Next thing you know…WHAMMO!!  We get socked with bitter cold and snow.  (This is where I would say we jinxed ourselves if I believed in such things.) The next thing that always happens is we start talking about theRead More →

I decided today that there would be no conditions to this blogpost.  I’m going to make it an open field and just let the truth come out.  (I learned on television this week that you can really start a buzz about something if you say those sentences first.) My original intent today was to get on my cereal box (same thing as a soap box just tastier inside) and talk about current events.  It seemed the only thing we heard on the news was stories about people who weren’t living honest lives.  (Is this where I should toss in the word “allegedly” so I don’tRead More →

Sometimes I surprise myself.  Not the startling kind of surprise like saying boo to someone coming around the corner.  (But I do like to do that.) It was more of the catching myself off guard kind of surprise when I wanted to make a different recipe for garlic bread. It wasn’t surprising that I was trying something new.  It was the source that made me stand in disbelief for a few minutes. I had been parked on the sofa doing some crafts watching a marathon of the Food Network’s “Rachel Vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off” when my mouth started to water at one of the dishesRead More →

Considering I barely have command of English, it should be no surprise to you that I don’t speak any other languages. Attempts were made in high school to learn French and Spanish but I didn’t absorb much more than learning to ask which way to the bathroom.  (If you jump up and down and hold yourself, most people know what you are asking in any language so I am safe if I have forgotten anything.) In years past, I was never concerned about my language barriers holding me back.  I don’t travel very often and I haven’t been out of the country for 15 years. Read More →

It is the second week of the year and I am always curious how people approach their New Year’s resolutions at this point.  Have you even started yet?  Or have you already given up? For a couple of reasons, there are some resolutions that I NEVER make such as losing weight (have you seen me?), working out (I like a little jiggle in my wiggle) or eating better (it is all on how you define “better”). I also don’t make promises that can’t be met like not buying any shoes this year or growing taller.  (It is more likely that I will grow before IRead More →

Happy New Year!!!  I cannot believe how little I cooked these last couple of weeks.  My husband took some time off work and so I took a housewife vacation too!   (Thanks to my husband for taking care of dinner so many nights.  No one orders take out like you do!)  It was kind of nice but I am ready to get back into creating in my kitchen. Now so you don’t think I am a complete lazy-daisy, I did cook a little bit.  My challenge in posting about my food this last week was “technically” it wasn’t my food.  The food I cooked was madeRead More →