Foodie Recipe for Double baked potato

I was out for lunch with one of my best friend’s (okay, it was my mom) and I overheard some people talking about their favorite common ‘taters.  I wasn’t listening very closely but I thought it was interesting that they were having a whole conversation about potatoes. Being the overly social person that I am, when my mom went to get more iced tea, I mentioned to them that my favorite potato was a double baked.  They looked at me like I was nuts (I’m used to that glazed over look) and then looked at each other completely bewildered. I could see their confusion soRead More →

Leftover Thanksgiving Soup recipe by Felt Like A Foodie

Thanksgiving is now behind us and I keep running across articles about “repurposing” your Thanksgiving dinner.  This makes no sense to me.  The purpose of the food is to feed you, right?  So why can’t people just call the food exactly what it is…leftovers. Apparently, this is the new “buzz” word that I can’t stand.    Are you familiar with this word?  It is in the same realm as “recycle”.  The best definition I could find is “The use of something for a purpose other than its original intended use.”  (And yes, that is a lame definition so I don’t want mail from all the English majors.)Read More →

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends, family and faithful readers of my blog.  I get all choked up when I start to think of things I am thankful for in my life.  The challenges that are presented to me on a daily basis due to my complications of Crohn’s disease have made me view the world in a different manner. I am thankful for the obvious things like a roof over my head, plenty to eat, and some wonderful people in my life.  You probably don’t know how grateful I am for the love and support I have received over this blog.  The foodRead More →

Sweet Potato Streusel Thanksgiving Side Dish by Felt Like a Foodie

As Thanksgiving approaches, I get kind of sentimental about thinking of all of the people in my life that make me thankful.  As I am going down my list, there is one name that sticks out, Brian.  Who is Brian, you ask?  Well to my brother in laws disappointment, I am not talking about him for once.  I am talking about the guy who introduced me to my husband. Brian and I worked together as chemists when I first got out of college.  (Seriously, I was a chemist.  This isn’t just a cute way to talk about a “home” lab.)   He intimidated me the firstRead More →

Thanksgiving is only a week away.  Are you ready?  Some of my readers (okay, it was only two people) have emailed and asked me to help them organize their timeline for the Super Bowl of dinners.  (This is where the OCD people take out their lists and the unorganized people start to roll their eyes!) So given my dinner is only with my imaginary friends and husband, this is how I would plan my next week.  (And yes, seeing a therapist for my issues is on the list.) One week away:  Start organizing your recipes and your cooking times.  I always copy my recipes soRead More →

I went to CHILL and the food was multiplying.  I was losing control.  ‘Cause the delicacies they were supplying were electrifying.  (Okay, anyone who saw the movie Grease knows I just butchered the lyrics to one of the best songs EVER!) If my first paragraph made you think of me and my husband running around Merchandise Mart on Thursday night (like Danny and Sandy in the funhouse), you would be close!  (I did not have on cool spandex pants but I did wear a neat, flapper shirt!) On Thursday, November 10, 2011, I was lucky enough to attend CHILL in Chicago.  Simply stated CHILL showcasesRead More →

A thanksgiving foodie recipe for gravy

Choo!  Choo!  All aboard for the gravy train!!!  Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks and there is one thing I demand be made by scratch and that is the gravy!!  It is one of the easiest things to make and one of the tastiest!  It can revive a dry turkey, enrich the flavorless potatoes, and hide that weird mystery dish covered in Ritz crackers your Aunt Thelma brought.  (And no, Aunt Thelma isn’t just a fake name for one of my aunts.  It is the fake name for my mother in law! )  The first stop for the gravy train is your roasting pan. Read More →

In the midst of all my foodie fun, I have got to talk more about my imaginary Thanksgiving dinner.  Let’s face it; the turkey is the star of the show but what about the supporting cast of characters?  You know who they are….the side dishes. The side dishes don’t get enough credit for the role they play in Thanksgiving dinner.  Do you ever see an inflatable bowl of mashed potatoes in the Macy’s parade?  NOPE.  How about a Thanksgiving card featuring the sweet potatoes with marshmallows? NOPE.  But let’s get real here, who goes to dinner and fills up on Turkey?  Not me.  All thatRead More →

The Alliance Francais de Chicago

Well I had a wonderful day on Saturday.  What did I do, you ask?  I had the opportunity to take a macaron class at the Alliance Française de Chicago.  Macaron?  Alliance Française de Chicago?  What am I talking about? I didn’t know either of these things existed either until I received an email late last week.  One of my cooking chums, Randy, sent me a note asking if I wanted to take a class on Saturday.  Not just any cooking class, a class about macarons. I think it took me about two emails to realize I was spelling it the “English” way…macaroon.  (The English macaroonRead More →

A foodie recipe for an easy Thanksgiving appetizer (quesadilla) which consists of apple, brie and prosciutto.

Happy November!!  I want to dedicate this month’s posts to the all-time Foodie holiday….Thanksgiving!!! The hardest part of the holiday for me is the emphasis on a big meal.   I am a grazer and I like to eat all day.  Sitting down to a big meal and calling it quits just doesn’t work for me.  Unfortunately, I am not the usual holiday hostess so I don’t really get to control the day’s feast.  (My mother-in-law is our hostess and she just hates my cooking.  Just kidding, she just hates ME!  Just kidding, again, I think) So in my Thanksgiving posts, I am going to talkRead More →