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Recipe Salads

Hail Caesar and Fish Sauce

10 years. Double Digits. A decade.  This month I celebrate the beginning of writing Felt Like a Foodie. I’m really proud of this achievement overall.  I’ve written hundreds of blogs and taken thousands of pictures.  I’ve met some incredibly famous people who have proven why their stars shine brightly.  I’ve also crossed paths with some chefs who have shown me that …

Italian Recipe Salads


Clothing. Who decided that we needed to wear clothing? We aren’t born that way. (If you think about it, you really can’t be created at all without some nudity involved.) Little kids seem to be content with walking around in the buff and there are parts of this world where indigenous nudity is the norm. …


Counting Your Dressings

How many people actually use up a bottle of salad dressing?  I know I have them in my refrigerator but they are barely ever used up.  If I have an Italian based flavor, it is usually poured over chicken as a marinade on a grill night.  But what about all the other ones that just …