Boo!  Eeeek!  Halloween is next week and I’m receiving requests for some “spirits” to celebrate the day of the dead.

Now those of you who REALLY know me, know I am a scaredy cat.  I still believe there is a monster in my closet and that there is someone under the bed trying to grab my ankles.  (I will give credit to my big sisters for scaring the hell out of me as a child.)

Those of you who REALLY, REALLY know me know that I can’t handle my liquor.  Let’s put it this way, if I were a ghost I’d have to be Casper because I get a little too “friendly.”

With that said, my good friends at Rockit Ranch have helped me out with three creative recipes to help people with their Halloween libations this weekend.

So whether you are whooping it up at home or heading to the city for a party like The Underground’s “Dia De Los Muertos” bash on Saturday, October 27 (the entire venue will be transformed into a spooktacular celebration with Spanish moss, skeletons, and entire staff dressed in Day of the Dead attire), the following recipes should quench the thirst of all the boys and ghouls in attendance.

(I also included one of my favorite non-alcoholic options so that designated drivers can have some boo juice too!)

Witch’s Cauldron


1 Bottle Goose Cherry Noir

1 Gallon Grape Juice

Cardamom Pods, cinnamon sticks, 

Dry Ice


Bring grape juice, cardamon pods, cinnamon sticks and smidge of nutmeg to a boil.  Let it cool a down and add bottle of Goose Cherry Noir

Add to “cauldron” and add dry ice!

Beau Joie Cocktail


1 oz Absolute Raspberry

2 muddled raspberries

0.5 oz Grenadine

Beau Joie Champagne

Red Twizzlers


Shake Absolute Raspberry, muddled raspberries and grenadine together.

Pour into champagne glass with some ice and top with Beau Joie Champagne.  Pop in a Twizzler as a straw!

Green Goblin


2 oz Absolute Acai

1 oz Midori

2 oz Pineapple juice


Pour into a pilsner glass and add dry ice

Scaredy Cat Swill


1 Cup cranberry juice

2/3 cup ginger ale

1 Tbsp lime juice

3 slices of jalapeño

Slice of lemon (or blood orange)


Mix cranberry juice, jalepeno and limejuice in a glass. Strain out the peppers.

Top with ginger ale and garnish with slice of citrus.

(I froze some blueberries in a curved ice cube tray and they look like eyeballs!)

Have a great Halloween everyone….I will be hiding with my garlic necklace until it is over!  (I will post a “crockpot” recipe this weekend that will be perfect for trick or treat night!)  Thanks Rockit Ranch for helping my readers out!!!