Pretty sea of blue

Wafting slowly past my eyes

Ebbing up and down

A roar of pure emotion

With a cheer of Go Cubs Go

Today will be anything but a food blog (I did brush up on my poetic tanka skills). It is just purely a post of a lifelong Cubs fan. It is not that I am the kind of baseball fan that can rattle off stats, name line-ups or even know who is National League or who is in the American League. I can’t match jersey numbers with players or sometimes even know their field positions.  Like most Americans, I grew up watching the game on TV and have my own hometown pride.

You see, to me, being a Cubs is just purely unconditional love. They are like my family. I am happy for them when they do well and am sad for them when things don’t go their way. I cheer for them to succeed but never get mad when they don’t.

I am a girl who grew up rooting for the Cubbies and to have them in the World Series this year is just emotionally overwhelming for not only me but also all of my other friends and family who love the Cubs.

I married a Cubs fan and to be able to hold his hand as the Cubs won the Pennant will be ingrained in my memory for the rest of my life. He is the guy who has an innate memory for almost every statistic in Cubs baseball and yet can’t remember what we served at our wedding dinner. As much as I want to see this happen because I’ve waited my whole life for it, I want it for him and everyone else like him.

I was watching Game 3 of the World Series last night and just enjoyed seeing all the blue shirts. There is a pride in being a Cubs fan and you can see it all across Wrigleyville, in Chicago and all over the United States.  (We were in the mountains and I was wearing a Cubs shirt….I couldn’t walk 10 feet without being stopped and hearing the cheer of “This is our year.”)

As my own memories of different Cubs players flashed in my brain, I can see this new young team through new eyes. I hope they remain this team…so likeable and humble.

I am writing this before the World Series ends because like any lifelong Cubs fan, I am jut so proud that they made it to the World Series. WHEN they win (because Cubs fans are optimistic) I will be with my husband crying with joy like thousands of other people. If they lose, I will still probably cry with the sadness of knowing so many people wanted to see this happen.

No matter what happens, the next few days I will be consumed with the thoughts of blue and thinking to myself….there is nothing like being a Cubs Fan!!!

Go Cubs Go….FLY THE W….