How did you learn to share?   Does it go back to your earliest memories of childhood where you didn’t have a choice but to share with your siblings?  Were there things that you wanted to keep to yourself only to share them later because it was the right thing to do?  As an adult, sharing is a part of life.  Sometimes it is what we want to do and sometimes we do it grudgingly. It can be as simple as sharing our thoughts with a friend or coworker.  Or it can be as challenging as sharing a belief on religion or politics.  You can shareRead More →

Do you have an extra freezer? I do. I really love having the convenience of buying things on sale or bulkier items and have a place to put them. The problem is that they can be overwhelming at times. I looked in mine the other day and just had so many thoughts go through my head. I first thought, why do I have so much bacon? Apparently, I buy bacon on sale and freeze it for a rainy bacon day. I have thick cut, thin cut, cherry smoked and duck bacon. (No…there is no turkey bacon…because plain and simply…I hate it.) I also found someRead More →

Hooray! It is starting to feel like spring. The birds are chirping like crazy, the grass is greening up and rumor has it there are some baby bunnies hopping around our neighborhood. (I can’t wait to see the bunnies!) Another big sign of spring is seeing all the stuff you should have gotten done around your house this winter but you didn’t because it was too cold and it felt more rewarding to sit under a warm blanket. I’ve been making some progress cleaning but find I am really tired at dinnertime so I don’t want to cook a “real” dinner. I just want toRead More →

Can you recall the first sandwich you ever ate?  Most of us will probably say, Peanut Butter and Jelly. When I grew up, it was the standard sandwich in my lunch box and I never tired of it.  I liked it the old fashion way with smooth peanut butter, grape jelly and white bread.  Even the thought of it right now makes my mouth water. I recently was given the honor of throwing a birthday party for my niece.  I wanted the food to be kid friendly but still interesting to the group of adults in attendance, my in-laws!  When it comes to food, theirRead More →