When a gal gets married, there are a lot of wonderful benefits that come along with the husband.  You have a partner.  You have a friend.  You have in-laws!!!!!! In-laws, the little secret no one warns you about before you marry.  (I did warn one of my brother in laws but he didn’t listen to me).  It is another entire family that you will be required to love no matter how they act.  They in turn are required to love you and include you in their group.  (I’m not speaking from experience because everyone knows my in-laws are perfect!) Along with your immediate in-laws (father,Read More →

The more I write about food, the more I realize there is so much history behind even the most simple foods.  Today’s example will be granola. When I hear “granola” I think of the hippies in the sixties.  They were not mainstream people so they rejected the meat and potatoes that they grew up eating.  They were going to rebel and eat nuts and oats.  (Or they were trying to find a healthy way to fill their bellies after they get a bout of the munchies?) Granola had a great shelf life so it was a wonderful travel food to store in the VW vansRead More →

Foodie Recipe for Double baked potato

I was out for lunch with one of my best friend’s (okay, it was my mom) and I overheard some people talking about their favorite common ‘taters.  I wasn’t listening very closely but I thought it was interesting that they were having a whole conversation about potatoes. Being the overly social person that I am, when my mom went to get more iced tea, I mentioned to them that my favorite potato was a double baked.  They looked at me like I was nuts (I’m used to that glazed over look) and then looked at each other completely bewildered. I could see their confusion soRead More →

Sweet Potato Streusel Thanksgiving Side Dish by Felt Like a Foodie

As Thanksgiving approaches, I get kind of sentimental about thinking of all of the people in my life that make me thankful.  As I am going down my list, there is one name that sticks out, Brian.  Who is Brian, you ask?  Well to my brother in laws disappointment, I am not talking about him for once.  I am talking about the guy who introduced me to my husband. Brian and I worked together as chemists when I first got out of college.  (Seriously, I was a chemist.  This isn’t just a cute way to talk about a “home” lab.)   He intimidated me the firstRead More →

Have you ever wondered why some foods get renamed because their original name is unappetizing?  Is there some chef rulebook that rates name perception? It is one of those things I think about as I become a more adventurous eater.  I speculate if I should actually ask what I’m eating or am I better off in the dark.  (The dark is normally a VERY scary place except in the culinary world.) Let’s take sweetbreads for example.  It really is one of the best compound words ever!  How can you go wrong with a meal that incorporates “sweet” and “bread?”  But don’t be fooled, my faithfulRead More →

Last week I went out to lunch at a quirky fun bistro and was excited to see “Garden Fresh Tomato Soup” on the menu.  Tomatoes in NW Indiana and Chicagoland (shameless voting reminder) have been so good this season that I was thrilled to try the seasonal soup. The friend I was with inquired if it was vegetarian.  After our waitress rolled her eyes (seriously she rolled her eyes), she replied that what else would tomato soup be but vegetarian.  So my highly inquisitive friend inquired if the soup base was water or broth.  (She wasn’t being snooty she was just curious.)  Our waitress blurtedRead More →

August is my favorite month to go to farmer’s markets.  I just seem to find more food treasures during this time of the year.  Our stands seem to have everything from berries to tomatoes to beans.  (Sometimes they have nice young farmhands too but I’m not allowed to bring any of them home.) On my last trip to the “market”, I was asked if I was interested in some squash that they were offering as a special for that afternoon.  To my surprise, I was handed a small bag of these freaky looking flying saucers posing as squash!  (I always have a heads up inRead More →

There is something that comes along with a marriage.  You may like it, you may not.  You may want to be part of it all the time or maybe just on special occasions.  There may be days you will feign a headache just to get away from it.  Any married person would know that I am talking about time with your in-laws! When I married my husband, I didn’t know that he came with his own cast of characters.  I sort of knew his immediate family and the nuts that fell from that family tree but I had no clue what was on the otherRead More →

When I see it, I become distracted.  They come in various sizes and colors.  I’ve seen them long and thin and short and fat.  I’ll even admit that I just love to put my mouth on one.  So do you like fresh corn off the cob as much as I do? One of the best places to live in July is near a cornfield.  You can find the freshest corn in your neighbor’s backyard (get permission first), a farmer selling it off his truck or at an “honor” stand.  City people need to know that an “honor stand” is a card table in front ofRead More →