Do you ever eat something and then become obsessed?  Maybe you go eat it multiple times.  Maybe you use the google to find out recipes or restaurants that you can find it at.  Maybe you dream about it and wake up with your pillow in your mouth.  (My husband wakes up that way sometimes…..but it is because I try to smother him in his sleep…wait…I shouldn’t admit to that…this isn’t admissible…is it?  It is a blog…there is no truth in blogs…remember that, Judge…I mean, readers.) I’ve had a couple of things that I’m obsessed with but know I can’t write about them EVERY week.  (IRead More →

I had an epiphany last week. I seem to have a lot of them lately. They are true lightbulb moments that I sometimes look up to see if a lightbulb just flashed over my head.  I’m wondering if epiphanies come with age or I need maybe I just need to be medicated.  (Now I’m thinking of one of those medicine commercials advertising a drug for epiphanies and wondering what kind of a face an actor would make to show that emotion.) I digress.  I usually write a birthday blog but this year, I just couldn’t.  It had nothing to do with becoming a year older (because let’sRead More →

  Whether you are married, coupled or a parent, you learn things about your housemate(s) or at least you should learn things. I’ve been with my husband long enough to know the good stuff like he will be the first to apologize no matter what the issue, he always kisses me goodbye in the morning and he will fill my water glass every time he gets up. (Pretty awesome, right?) The things I have learned about him that ARE negative  are really kind of petty.  When you live with someone for YEARS, those things can sometimes really get under your skin like getting a dishRead More →

Reinventing the wheel.  Some say we should always be thinking of how to make things better and more efficient.  We can improve on concepts, make things visually more appealing and keep trying to better a product. We keep thinking that we can improve on things and yet we go back to square one…to the original…to the best. This can be a thought for technology, standard operating procedures and even for our own well being…..but does everything ALWAYS need to be changed?  Are we wasting time or are we challenging our minds? I think of these things a lot. I’m not sure if it is anRead More →