Why don’t you like me? Is it my color? Do you think I’ll make you fat? Maybe my gooey insides freak you out? Could it be that you just don’t like things that are different? These are questions poached eggs would like to ask you. (By you, I am referring to all the people who have never had a poached egg.) Just imagine being shunned because people are unfamiliar with you. It can make an egg have hurt feelings. I think this is how hard-boiled eggs first originated. All of his anger and disappointment built up inside and hardened his yolk. How do you likeRead More →

Christmas is for the little ones. The season is all about them and making them shine. We enjoy every bit of them even when we have to poke their little eyes out. WHAT??? Why are you looking at your computer screen all weird? I’m talking about those cute little potatoes you see in the bags at the market. What did you think I was talking about? I am obsessed with little potatoes. Potatoes, apparently, are graded on size. A-size, which is the most common is about 2 ½” diameter. Think of your typical baking spud. (Unlike bras, people seem to be most satisfied with “A”’s.)Read More →

The week before Christmas is always such a neat time. The hustle and bustle of trying to get things done, hearing from folks across the country and eating yummy things. When I was younger, I used to love the week before Christmas because it meant my sisters would be home from college. I lived at home with Mom and both my sisters went away to college. I think I liked how our lives seemed to be back into a routine. We had a definite list of things that we bickered about such as phone use, car availability and who would call for the pizza. (ItRead More →

Have you noticed that there is a mood that is contagious during this time of year? One would think it would be an air of merriment given the holidays. Everywhere we go we get inundated with music that reminds us that it is Christmas time and we should be filled with cheer. The word joy is used more during December than any other month. (I just made that up.) And you can’t grocery shop without hearing “Happy Holidays” over the airwaves. But there is something none of these carols mention…..the work!!!!!!!!! Where is the Christmas carol that mentions dragging the tree out of the atticRead More →

“Deck the table with balls of meat Falalalalalalala Really so good no one will leave their seat Falalalalalalala There’ll be none in your trash barrel Falalalalalalala I’d even share them with my sister Cheryl Falalalalalalala” I think one of my (and my sister’s) favorite parts of the holiday season is the excuse to make a lot of little plates. Whether you see them as appetizers, tapas, hors d’oeuvres, amuse-bouches, or stuff on a stick; they are truly the highlight of my Christmas time treats. I like Christmas trees made out of cheese, peppers shaped liked gifts and strawberries with Santa beards. The anticipation of seeingRead More →

Fiends. I keep hearing that word in my head every time I watch the news in the last couple of weeks. I usually stay away from current events on Felt Like a Foodie but the monsters that seem to be popping out of the crevices of this Earth seem to be haunting me. I feel sad for the people who are the victims of any of these recent tragedies and for the helpless feelings their friends and families must have right now. I am angry that the world is becoming a place where I don’t feel safe. I fear this is a new normal. IRead More →