I did something really immature a couple of days ago. (I am sure some of you are saying, “Tell us when you aren’t immature.”) I’m not exactly proud of the moment but given the circumstances I think it was warranted. It occurred in our car and it was all I could do not to start a fight with my husband. (Our car fights are legendary. I usually end up losing my cool because I get too hungry, start to cry and then threaten to fling myself out of the car….and amazingly these are not the immature moments I am writing about today.) Our rule isRead More →

It has only been about a week since I tore out my garden and I must say I feel a little batty. There was something about this year’s garden that fulfilled every ounce of my being…..and I’m not just talking about my belly. There was something about going outside and being in the fresh air that was very therapeutic to me. I would talk to my plants, butterflies would sit on my shoulder and the birds were singing just to me. (I would say it was like a Disney movie but I don’t want to jinx my mom, so I’ll say a fairytale.) I wentRead More →

It is Halloween time! Eeeek! I must admit that it really isn’t a holiday that is big on my list anymore. (I’m an adult who can buy her own candy…anytime I want!) I just don’t like to be scared. I appreciate that there are people who love ghosts, zombies and ghouls. I also have people in my life who I know are witches. (Or maybe that word spelled with a “b” but either way they are frightening!) The things that go bump in a night make me shiver and I am sure there are shadow monsters just waiting to get me. I can still masterRead More →

I never thought this would be a subject that comes up on Felt Like a Foodie but it is time. It is time to lay it on the table for the world (or the folks who read this post) to hear. I am a Cubs fan. I’m not a bandwagon fan…I’ve been a fan since I can remember. Baseball was just one of those things that I enjoyed watching on television when my dad or my grandpa were around. The games were enjoyable to watch.  (As a kid, I thought it was funny that the guys grabbed their “bats” and spit so much.) Now to clarify,Read More →

When I walk down the streets of Chicago, my imagination goes wild. I look at the different buildings and wonder what unhidden treasures lay beyond the walls. I try to figure out if the structure is a residence, business or BOTH! It seems like you could walk past one building and realize it is composed of many different things. So when I was invited to go have dinner at Maxwell’s at the Club, which is just IN the East Bank Club, (500 N. Kingsbury St., Chicago) I was perplexed. I thought the East Bank Club was a private sports/fitness complex. I didn’t think there wasRead More →

Part of the amusement of going to an event like Chicago Gourmet for me is seeing all the characters. Like I mentioned last week, the whole adventure each year gives me that feeling of giddiness like a little kid going to their favorite theme park.  (Hmmm, could this be Gourmet Land?) Do you ever remember chasing a guy dressed up like a character just so you can get a picture with them?  When I’m at Chicago Gourmet, I feel that way when I see the chefs.  I get the same feeling I got when the first time I walked up to Mickey Mouse at theRead More →