Did you ever go to an amusement park as a kid? Do you remember that feeling of excitement and joy when you walk through the gate? How about the anticipation before you even get there? I think that sums up how I feel each year at Chicago Gourmet. (“Produced by the Illinois Restaurant Association, title sponsor Bon Appétit magazine and presenting sponsor Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois, Chicago Gourmet 2015 is one of the nation’s largest and most celebrated culinary events. “) As I walked into Millennium Park this weekend, I had to just take a moment and gasp. It was like a wonderland of 150Read More →

Do you know how there is that thing? You know the thing that makes you ALWAYS think of someone else. It could be a cologne that the best smelling guy in college wore or an off the shoulder sweater your aunt liked. Maybe even the feel of a blanket that reminds you of your mom’s house. I started to think about this today because I bought a bag of limes and I thought of my dad. I don’t talk about him much in my posts because honestly we don’t talk. He isn’t a bad guy and I am far from a rotten daughter. There is noRead More →

Did you ever watch the Jetsons as a kid (or adult)? It was a fascinating cartoon about life in the future. (Okay, maybe fascinating is stretching it but it truly was awesome Saturday morning entertainment when it was in syndication during the 1970’s.) Just in case you lived in a cave or had a mom who limited your cartoon viewing, it was the story of George Jetson and his family who live in the future. It essentially was the epitome of every sitcom produced in the 60’s….BUT IN A CARTOON!!! I was in my 30’s before I realized that every episode was like the Flintstone’s exceptRead More →

I woke up this morning knowing that I wanted to write a post but I truthfully had no desire to write about food. I was SUPPOSED to be writing today about two events that I had scheduled to go to in Chicago, Mod Mex (A Beyond Chicago Gourmet Event) and Oyster Fest (by Shaw’s Crah House.) I wasn’t feeling well last week so I had to make the decision to just drop out of life, not go to events and rest. During my restful moments, my mind kept going to one thing. I feel like Winnie the Pooh stuck in a “hunny” tree. Like WinnieRead More →

I can’t believe Labor Day is over. OVER!!!!!!!! Did you barbeque or spend some time outside? Did you just enjoy the extra day off in your workweek? We’ve done the same thing for the past seventeen years…..we celebrate our anniversary. There are some years we go away and others we just go out for a nice dinner. We have little traditions like me giving him the same card EVERY year and he is awesome at remembering to get me flowers. (There are other traditions but my mom said I am still grounded from this post on zucchini the other day so I’m not going toRead More →