Do you know how there is that thing? You know the thing that makes you ALWAYS think of someone else. It could be a cologne that the best smelling guy in college wore or an off the shoulder sweater your aunt liked. Maybe even the feel of a blanket that reminds you of your mom’s house.

I started to think about this today because I bought a bag of limes and I thought of my dad. I don’t talk about him much in my posts because honestly we don’t talk. He isn’t a bad guy and I am far from a rotten daughter. There is no way to sugarcoat it; we just bring out the worst in each other.

I’ve tried to get my mom to fess up that the reason Dad and I don’t get along is because I am a product of her torrid love affair with Leonard, the mailman. She hasn’t given in yet but I hope to get a confession one day! (Now that I gave away her secret, I’m sure she’ll stop talking to me too!)

Anyhow, my dad liked to have a Coke with a slice of lime. I can’t remember a meal out where he didn’t order that as his drink. Like most kids do, I started to get my Coke the same way because I loved my dad so much. I wanted to be like him and do the things he did.  Over the years, the flavor grew on me. I’m not sure if it was the taste or maybe the memory…either way…lime equated to Dad.

Besides the love of limes, there are other gifts my dad gave me. Life (unless it was Leonard)…that is a big one. My love of clothes and shoes is a dad thing. We have similar features and some mannerisms. The ability to make people laugh and be a good storyteller is Dad. My feeling of joy when eating an amazing meal is also from him. There are many other things…some good and some bad.

There are things in life that can’t be repaired sort of like a carbonated drink that goes flat. You regret forgetting about the bottle and you pretend discarding it is no big deal. I know he thinks of me and I would never deny that I think of him. I wish he knew more about who I am as an adult and I guess there is still a lot I had to learn about him.

I was making a lime soda tonight and my thoughts went to Dad. He and I are like a lime soda. There are parts that are sweet and bubbly and a couple parts that are icy and sour. Not everyone likes a lime soda but then there are others who cannot imagine their lives without one.

So cheers to the things that give us memories even if it is with a bit of a twist! It gives us something to embrace when the real thing is not at our fingertips.IMG_0295

Lime Soda for 1


2 Tablespoons Simple Syrup*

1.5-2 Tablespoons of FRESH lime juice

1 cup club soda

Lime slice



*Simple Syrup is essentially sugar water. You cook equal amounts of sugar and water over medium heat. When the sugar is completely dissolved, remove it from the heat. Let is cool before using it in your drink. It will keep in your fridge for a couple of weeks.  I usually do 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water.

In a tall glass, add 3-4 ice cubes.

Add your 2 tablespoons of simple syrup.

Add Lime juice. (I originally made it with 1.5 Tablespoons but then add a smidge more after I tasted it with the club soda. My thought is you can always add more limejuice, you don’t want to add more sugar because I learned from mom that sugar as poison.)

Fill up your glass with club soda.

Use a swizzle stick (or a butter knife or chop stick) and give it a good spin. Not too much because you want to keep some fizz.

Add a lime twist and enjoy.

It is always funny what comes to mind when I concoct something in the kitchen. It can be a song, a TV show or even a person. Any which way, it is nice way to be connected.