Growing up as one of three girls, I have always had a fondness for TV shows that featured that sisterly component. From everything to the Brady Bunch to Little House on the Prairie to Full House, the bond of the sisters always made me feel lucky to have that same kind of whacky madness in my own home. (I think my relationship with my sisters would be more of a HBO series rather than anything suitable for network television.) The one show that really made me want to have a TV sister was The Waltons but not for the reason you might think. It wasn’tRead More →

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I have always loved that saying. Every now and then, you get handed things that may not be what you currently desire but you just have to make the most of it. Lately, my plate has been full (and not in the fun fill my tummy kind of way.) It isn’t that I’m in a sour mood, I just feel a little overwhelmed and that I’ve lost some of my zest. (Ooooo, clever lemon-esque wordplay for your reading enjoyment.) My mind started to think how can I make lemonade out of my current exhaustion and then I rememberedRead More →

Sorry for being out of touch this past week.  My husband had a business trip to Atlanta and I tagged along to taste the local fare.  I must say Atlanta is an amazing food city and I can’t wait to go back.  The food was so inspiring as were the people I met.  I had the pleasure of dining at The Gunshow (Woot!  Got my cookbook signed), The Spence (Boo, hoo!  Didn’t get my cookbook signed), Empire State South (Already had my book signed) and King + Duke (Let me know when you’ve got a book because I’ll want it!) I thought I’d give you a quick lookRead More →

Saturday morning and you are the first one up….what do you do? Do you make yourself a cup of coffee, flip on the TV and then find yourself watching a 30-minute infomercial? I do. I get mesmerized by the way things are presented and the food always looks so good. So this past month, I was given the challenge of trying a T-fal OptiGrill to review.  (It is also available at Wal-Mart.) I don’t normally do reviews but this is one of those products that caught my eye on a Saturday morning. If you haven’t heard of it (or if you actually sleep in onRead More →

There are many reasons why I love the month of August. First and most importantly, it is the month my beloved husband was born. He definitely makes my world a better place. (Um, do those sweet words count as a birthday gift?) I also love August because kids start going back to school and my mommy friends all have time to sneak off to lunch again!! (We do go to lunch with their kids but then we can’t giggle and talk about boys like we usually do.) But the main reason I love August is because it means my garden is really producing some tomatoes!!!Read More →

Why wouldn’t you want a cobbler to run for office? Odds are he’d be im”peached”.   That was hysterical! Do you want another joke? Or do you think my peach jokes are the pits? (I’m here all night!) So with peach-a-palooza going on in my house right now, I decided that I needed to make some sort of yummy dessert for my peachy husband. (He is kind of fuzzy like a peach.) I wanted something in the cobbler family and then I started reading about crisps and crumbles too. What the heck? I really never knew there was a difference until one of faithful friendsRead More →

Sing to the tune of Grease I solve my problems and I see the light I got a lovin’ thing, I gotta can it right There ain’t no danger I can’t go too far I start believing now and get ready the Bell Jar Peach is the word   I think their ripening is just going insane Why don’t they understand, it’s just a crying shame Their skin is tender and I’ll have to start to peel. I must can them right now, this’ll make a great meal. Peach is the word   (Peach is the word, is the word that you heard) It’s realRead More →

Sometimes when you write a blog, you have to talk about uncomfortable subjects. I dread having to write these types of posts but alas it is just a subject I can’t avoid much longer. I’m talking about the “V” word. Sigh. I’m not sure why I have such a hard time saying it. It is one of those things that has probably been part of every person’s life. I’ve often found the discussion of the “V” word to be awkward. I mean, who wants to talk about that??? No matter how much I hide from it, it is the pink elephant in the room. EveryoneRead More →