Baby steps.  Anyone who has ever recovered from any type of surgery understands the baby steps involved.  You sleep.  You don’t sleep.  You can’t drive.  You aren’t allowed to drive.  You shouldn’t be driving.  You can’t lift, carry or push things. It is a frustrating process and makes me understand why babies cry so much. So I guess I am happy to say that I am past the most of the baby steps and am working on being a toddler.  You know how toddlers act.  They try to do a lot of stuff that they may not necessarily be ready for but they try itRead More →

Thank you to everyone for their support these last couple of months.  The money you have saved me in therapy is HUGE!!! So I am not really cooking yet but I wanted to share with you a really neat press release that I received from RA Sushi.  As someone who spent her fair share of time in the hospital as a kid, I am a strong supporter of any fundraisers for any Children’s hospitals.  The thing I like the most about the fundraiser listed below is that they give 100% of the proceeds from their special menu to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. I hopeRead More →

As I continue to recover from surgery, I’ve done a lot of two things.  (Neither of which is cooking.)  I sleep and watch TV (mostly encores from the 70’s).  Sometimes there is a blur in my head not knowing if I am asleep and dreaming or if I really am part of the action that is taking place. So when I had the opportunity to meet part of the cast of The Brady Bunch at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio on May 19, 2013, half of my brain kept thinking that it wasn’t really happening.  I must still be dreaming because it all still seemsRead More →

It is just a stomachache.  I went to bed and thought when I woke up it would be gone.  What I woke up to could be described as horror.  One side of my stomach was distorted and resembled a snake that ate a goat.  (Maybe not a big goat but definitely one of those little pygmy goats.) I knew it was bad and woke up my husband.  We started making phone calls to doctors and kept each other from freaking out.  (Okay, we were freaking out.)  Luckily we have a neighbor who is a nurse who was able to come over and help us makeRead More →

Do you ever have a thought in your head that is REALLY random?  I mean, there is nooooo reason whatsoever for this thought, it just pops in your head.  This thought is so random that you spend countless minutes, maybe even hours, thinking about this particular topic. Yankee Doodle.  Yep, that was my thought the other day.  I was driving and I started singing that song in my head.  It is not like I saw a billboard or heard it on a commercial.  I just started thinking about it.  It was like all of a sudden he was ridin’ on a pony and I started analyzingRead More →