On September 7, 1998 I woke up singing these lyrics:

You’re mine and we belong together

Yes, we belong together, for eternity 

You’re mine; your lips belong to me

Yes, they belong to only me, for eternity

You’re mine, my baby and you’ll always be

I swear by everything I own you’ll always, always be mine

You’re mine, and we belong together

Yes, we belong together, for eternity

The lyrics were from the song “We Belong Together” and they kept replaying in my head.

The day before (September 6, 1998) was the day I danced to this song with my new husband at our wedding. Our dance wasn’t choreographed or anything anyone would remember but I do.

I remember swaying with him, laughing and sharing whispers. We were in the moment and it is something I’ll never forget.

We’ve been married for 16 years now (far from eternity) but I wake up every day knowing we belong together.

So…happy anniversary to my husband, Earl. It has been my honor to be your wife and I am so glad you are mine. I love you.IMG_0429