Another year conquered….PHEW!

Something weird happened this year…I think I started aging. (At least physically, I am still mentally very immature and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.)

I looked in the mirror this morning and took notice of the little things that remind me that I am not getting any younger. I know many would be horrified but oddly enough I feel so joyful about each and every one of them because they map out the stories of my life.

The crinkles by eyes remind me of everything wonderful I have gotten to see over the years. Every crease shows the joy I have watching others live their dreams and keeping them in sight on the days when life seems blurry.

The laugh lines on my face show me how I have learned to be a happier person and find humor in everything. I will be the first to smile at a stranger in the long line at the grocery store and I am definitely the one who interrupts your story with a wisecrack.

My hands look narrow and sometimes frail. The wear and tear accounts for everyone who continues to hold them when I need it.   (Certain fingers do not fly up as fast as they used to either.)

My gray hair (if I miss my hair appointment) will tell you that there are times I have not had the easiest life. (The dozen scars on my body tell the same story but they also tell you I’m a warrior!)

And if you could look at my heart, you would see it is full. Most of it is my husband’s love but the rest of it is filled with so many people I am lucky to call my family and friends.

This is how I will enter my 47th year. I continue to be grateful for all of the good things I have and hope I can see myself continue to age with a positive mindset. (If not, I’ll take off my glasses….because the other nice thing about aging is that you don’t have to see the things you don’t want to!)