When making dinner what guides you? Do pictures you see on the Internet influence you? Is it a recipe that one of your friends forwards you? Maybe it is as simple as having a regular rotation of meals in your house. For me, it is power of suggestion. I am starting to think I am really simple minded. (I know a few of you are saying to yourself “She is just starting to think that?”) If there is a conversation about food, I will end up making one of the dishes. This isn’t that unusual in my circle of friends. We all like food andRead More →

“Food Brings People Together” is the newest campaign of Red Gold Tomatoes. As a family owned company, they only work with local family farms to help us make great meals for family and friends at home. Since I am part of Red Gold’s adopted blog family, they gave me a challenge to help promote their Red Gold Simple Gourmet Lasagna Party on Facebook. I’m supposed to make a simple lasagna but step it up a notch. Now anyone who has eaten at our house knows that I take great pride in my own lasagna recipe but I would not classify it as simple. It isRead More →

One of the fun things about writing Felt Like a Foodie is that I get offers to try things.  I read most offers but honestly don’t feel comfortable promoting products that I don’t already use.  (Okay but I will totally cave in if it is something like a vacation to a place with cool food!  My morals do have some gray areas…I’m not in denial.) So the other week I was asked by Red Gold to be part of their “Lasagna Party” and celebrate the versatility of this classic dish.  The challenge was to take their base recipe for Lasagna and elevate it to aRead More →

*I have deleted my original post and hope you will like my substitution. Who doesn’t like lasagna?  When you mention the dish; a person is likely to tell you about how their family made it.  Everyone’s family recipe is “the best” and people tend to lean toward the flavors they grew up eating. After I wrote this blog, I heard quite a few opinions about lasagna and family recipes.  I was right that people are really, really  passionate about their sauce and recipe.  I completely accept that sentiment and hope that people realize that I am just writing down my thoughts, memories of my Chicagoland (anotherRead More →