There is one thing that writing Felt Like a Foodie has taught me over the years….no…it has nothing to do with food… has to do with the fact that I am wrong….a lot. Every time I start to think about a particular blog, I look up words for inspiration and to make sure I am using them properly in my work.  (I am laughing really hard right now…my work….like this is my art…seriously…I’m not that full of myself…well…I kind of am…but…I don’t usually let it show that much…do I?) Back to the story…I was going to write a post on how fabulously decadent my carbonaraRead More →

This is it….my last post for my preview of Chicago Northwest Restaurant week (February 24-March 5, 2017). Technically, the event is 10 days so you will have a lot more time to add on to your own list of places you want to go. (Click here to see all of the participating restaurants.) The last place I want to preview for you, Chef Vince’s Zeal (680 Mall Drive, Schaumburg, IL) felt more like I didn’t discover a new restaurant but that I found a long lost family member…who knows how to cook really well…and has a restaurant. Chef Vince’s Zeal had the magic of takingRead More →

A little dream.   Whether you want to grow up to be a teacher, a veterinarian or a truck driver, your dreams are what steer you on the highway called life.  (Yes, I wanted to be a truck driver.) Tony Priolo’s dream was to have an authentic Italian restaurant that got to the heart and soul of Italian cooking.  The eight-year-old Tony started to learn about the rustic, clean flavors at his grandmother’s apron strings in the Northwest side of Chicago. His culinary skills with Italian cuisine were mastered as he worked his way up the culinary ladder as a student, prep cook, and as aRead More →

One of my resolutions this year is to entertain more.  No, I’m not talking about entertaining like in song, dance or ventriloquism.  (Because we all know ventriloquism is real craft that only can only be done by seasoned professionals.  Did you see my lips move when I typed that?  I didn’t think so!) I’m talking about entertaining as in hosting people in my home with fabulous cooked meals.  (Okay, my husband tries to stick his hand up the back of my shirt to make me talk but the only words this dummy utters is NO!) We had company over this week.  They are a coupleRead More →

The end of summer means different things to people.  For some, it is a time to close up the pool and put the boat in storage.  (I fit in neither of those categories.)  For others, it is a time for one last vacation at their summer home on the beach.  (Not me…but if you have any of this cool stuff I’d love to be your friend.) For me, the end of summer is also a solemn time.  It means soon I won’t have fresh herbs growing in my backyard at my beck and call.  It also means that I had better harvest what I haveRead More →

I have received a bunch of requests for the recipe for the shells that I made in one of my earlier posts.  I guess this was a bit of a blog cliffhanger but it I guarantee that it will have been worth the wait. Print Manicotti Shells   Ingredients 6 eggs 1 cup milk 1½ cups flour ½ tsp salt Instructions Beat the eggs well and I mean well! Whisk in the milk. Slowly incorporate the flour and salt. It needs to be mixed smooth with no lumps. Heat a lightly greased, non-stick pan over medium heat. Pour about 1 gravy ladle on pan. YouRead More →