Last week for my birthday, I received a wonderful gift.  A magic wand!  My wand, like most cool magical items, had a list of rules and regulations.  (I hate magic wand red tape.)  One rule was that I could only use one wish a month.  (It did not say anything about rollover wishes so I would need to wish wisely.) As I tested my wand with twirls and whirls, my husband was watching the Cubs game.  Without thinking, I wished out loud “I wish we could watch this game in a chef driven sports bar and not in our living room.”  (After the game, IRead More →

Happy May, Everyone!  Besides the obvious weather advantages, there is something else about May that I love and that is the re-opening of many Farmer’s Markets.  Are you familiar with them?  (And no ladies, it is not a place to shop for hot looking farmers.) Farmer’s Markets are market places set up with stalls or booths.  In these booths, you will find some of the most amazing local food a person can imagine.  It is your town’s way of giving you the opportunity to truly serve food from farm to table. The backbone of our country, the rural communities are your best bet for findingRead More →

I am not an expert in everything.  I mean, I wouldn’t call me for a geography or a history lesson (unless I can use a reference from 1970’s television).    My knowledge on politics or current events is limited and admittedly ignorant.  And I don’t expect people to come to me for advice on exercise (I should but don’t) or nutrition (a support group should be started because of my addiction to bacon and carbs).  I DO know food and what tastes good Like most people, I am always trying to improve and educate myself.  So in the last few years, there has been a surge in peopleRead More →

A little dream.   Whether you want to grow up to be a teacher, a veterinarian or a truck driver, your dreams are what steer you on the highway called life.  (Yes, I wanted to be a truck driver.) Tony Priolo’s dream was to have an authentic Italian restaurant that got to the heart and soul of Italian cooking.  The eight-year-old Tony started to learn about the rustic, clean flavors at his grandmother’s apron strings in the Northwest side of Chicago. His culinary skills with Italian cuisine were mastered as he worked his way up the culinary ladder as a student, prep cook, and as aRead More →