With summer officially here, it is time to break out the grill.  I know there are folks who grill all year long but I really don’t enjoy grilling enough to want to do it in snow and cold. (You need to realize my grill is behind my house and if it were snowing I’d have to get a path shoveled to get to it.) So at the beginning of the season, I do the routine maintenance of cleaning the grill and testing all the components to make sure it is in working order.  I take out every grate, flavorizing bar and shine the outside untilRead More →

Nefarious. Nefarious? I know I have heard that word before but I wasn’t positive of the meaning. There is a commercial on television that uses that word. Kudos to an advertising group that uses words with more than three syllables! It was kind of refreshing for me to hear a word and have to look it up.   (I should edit that to a word I need to look up that isn’t slang!) I recorded the commercial and couldn’t tell what the word meant. Why I thought this was an easier method than looking it up is beyond me. I watched the commercial about 2 15Read More →

I love Italian food but it is not something I actively seek when I am eating in restaurants.  I am spoiled from years of my family’s cooking.  It is rare that something can compare to the flavor’s I grew up eating.  (I was never picky when it came to Mom’s sauce.) Over the years, I like to think I have learned to mimic what I saw and tasted in the kitchen.  (I’m sure my great grandfather would have loved the sauce I made from ingredients only in my garden.) But there is one dish that I never seem to make at home as good asRead More →

In the Midwest, our gardens are just starting to produce some veggies and the anticipation is unbelievable.  (Seriously, this is the most excitement I have right now.)  I get out a couple times a day and talk to my plants.  Our conversations are very one sided but fulfilling for all who are involved.  I do encourage their growth with frequent water baths and a nice big scoop of cow manure.  (Mmmm, who could resist that kind of treatment?) Between what is being produced in my own garden, trips to the Farmer’s Market and what I receive each week from my CSA, my produce drawers areRead More →