Mierda.  Cabron.  Cojeme.  Que chingados!  Me cago en la leche! Que? I had this whole wonderful post written up about Cinco de Mayo and then had an issue with my server.  (Not my server at a restaurant….my website server.) I am not a computer whiz so this gets me really frustrated fast.  I was trying to entertain myself while waiting for tech help to answer and I looked up some Spanish swear words.  (See above.) I then started to think to myself “How did I not learn any words after two years in Spanish class in high school?”  (I did remember the word baño becauseRead More →

It was like a cloud was hanging over my head. Everyone else was walking around like nothing was wrong but I felt like rain was falling just on my head. I stumbled in circles saying to myself “What am I going to do? What am I going to do?” As I choked back my tears, I took a deep breath and finally had to tell myself “It is going to be okay.” I knew this wasn’t going to define me and I could get over it and move forward. I am sure everyone has had these kinds of moments in their lives. What I’m notRead More →

There are things I think about all the time. Silly things like do chickens ever wonder “which came first.” Or maybe I ponder questions like why are monkeys the only primates allowed to throw their poop? Or why do I choose to use the word poop in a food blog again? Yep, these are things that go on in my pretty little head. (I also think if people look at me sometimes and wonder if I own a comb because sometimes my little head isn’t so pretty!) One of the biggest things I think of is why do people buy mayonnaise? First, I’m not aRead More →

There is nothing more exciting in a small town than the opening of a new restaurant.  (If you read the headlines on our front page you will realize the truth in that statement!)  It can be anything from a small independent sandwich shop to a larger franchise coming to the area.  If it involves new food, people will come.  (Heck, the food doesn’t even have to be new, people will still come!) So about 3 or 4 years ago, a little Mexican restaurant opened up in a neighboring small town.  It was a pretty neat place because it didn’t serve only the usual “Americanized” MexicanRead More →