Do you have a favorite holiday? Are you all about the festivities of Christmas or do you prefer a Labor Day barbeque? Do you doodle hearts in anticipation of Valentine’s Day or are you more of a Halloween pumpkin and skulls person? Maybe it is all of the above because you just enjoy a good celebration. One of my favorite holidays to celebrate is the Chinese New Year. Given I am not Chinese or that I’ve never been to China, it may seem odd for me to enjoy this annual event. To me it is no different than people who celebrate Bastille Day or CincoRead More →

Do you prefer peace? Are you most comfortable at home? Are you artistic but resistant to change? If so, this is your year! It is Chinese New Year and the Year of the Goat…or is that a Sheep? I think people lean towards the sheep because sheep are so cute and cuddly. I like to say goat because I’ve kissed a goat and it has bonded me to these ruminants for the rest of my life. (Ruminant is your word for the day. Ruminants are cattle, sheep, goats, giraffes and other one-toed ungulates. These are the guys who chew the cud that is…um, regurgitated fromRead More →

Hiisssssss!!!!  (That is how a snake would say Happy New Year!)  The year of the Dragon is coming to an end and the Year of the Snake will slither in this weekend. I’ve read a lot about “snake people” and I must say I am now intimidated.  (Snake people were born in the years:1905, 1917,1929,1941,1953,1965,1977, 1989,2001.) The Snakes are graceful and exciting but also kind of dark.  Not as emotional as the other signs, they do become stressed easily and prefer calm and quiet.  The Snake is keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise. Snakes are organized and precise.  They have immaculate taste and onlyRead More →

Happy New Year!  Or as they say in China Happy New Year!  (I translated for you since most of my readers don’t speak Chinese).  It is my favorite of all Chinese holidays.  (Okay, I don’t know any of the other holidays.)  It is the year of the Dragon, the only legendary animal on the Chinese zodiac calendar.  It signifies that the year will be filled with strength, wealth and good luck.   The year of the dragon is considered the luckiest of all of the Chinese Zodiac Symbols.  (I’m a dog: Loyal and trustworthy) There is another celebration taking place today, my sister Cheryl’s birthday!  So asRead More →