Do you think about cucumbers? Do you always have one in your fridge?  Do you buy one every week?  Do you name them? (Wait….we aren’t talking about people who really LOVE cucumbers.) I adore cucumbers especially on hot days.  There is something about the crispness and the feel of their crunch that make me feel like I am having a treat.  I can sit and crunch on them at snacktime and feel like I am getting away with something. (I don’t do many things wrong so eating a plate of cucumbers make me feel dangerous!) They have become my go-to at lunchtime because I can pairRead More →

Did I ever tell you that I have a phobia? It isn’t anything as common as being scared of heights like acrophobia. It is less common than those spider-fearing folks who have arachnophobia. And it definitely makes more sense than those kooky-berrys who are afraid of dots. (Yep that is a real thing called trypophobia!) I have Cryophobia…the fear of being cold. We keep our house at a balmy 70 degrees, my towels are heated so I don’t catch a chill after I shower and we have an electric mattress pad that is turned on HOURS before we hit the hay. When I go outRead More →

Kids. I have zero in my household (unless you count emotional age then there are 2). But I do have more kids than I can count that call me “aunt.” I love it. I get to be the fun, cool one who never has to be responsible for a child’s behavior. I can always say “Not my fault…I’m just the aunt.” I also get to do all the fun stuff like make silly faces at the table, shove treats in their mouths when their parents aren’t looking and tickle frowns off their faces. But I have a confession; I don’t like all the kids allRead More →

Sometimes I surprise myself.  Not the startling kind of surprise like saying boo to someone coming around the corner.  (But I do like to do that.) It was more of the catching myself off guard kind of surprise when I wanted to make a different recipe for garlic bread. It wasn’t surprising that I was trying something new.  It was the source that made me stand in disbelief for a few minutes. I had been parked on the sofa doing some crafts watching a marathon of the Food Network’s “Rachel Vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off” when my mouth started to water at one of the dishesRead More →

The more I write about food, the more I realize there is so much history behind even the most simple foods.  Today’s example will be granola. When I hear “granola” I think of the hippies in the sixties.  They were not mainstream people so they rejected the meat and potatoes that they grew up eating.  They were going to rebel and eat nuts and oats.  (Or they were trying to find a healthy way to fill their bellies after they get a bout of the munchies?) Granola had a great shelf life so it was a wonderful travel food to store in the VW vansRead More →