I’ve been making an effort to menu plan a little better this year.  (I also need to pencil in some blog planning time because it seems like the weeks are flying by before I can get another one up.) I was noticing that I was struggling to come up with new exciting meals each week just because the exhaustion of each day would overcome me by dinner time.  (Maybe exhaustion is too dramatic of a description…fatigue…worn out..maybe even burnt out.) I’m not crazy enough to dictate what we are going to eat each night but I am making sure that I have two good meals planned withRead More →

Happy New Year.  Last year went too quickly and I was so preoccupied with puppy training.  I felt like I was reading more about dogs than I was about food and didn’t feel motivated to cook let alone eat.  I won’t go into the nitty gritty details because I feel so happy now with Scout but trust me…that puppy brought out some ugly moments in this house. Speaking of ugly (yep…my awkward segues are back), have you ever used a celery root?  Despite the name, it technically isn’t the root of our favorite peanut butter delivery vessel.  Celery root (or celeriac) is an uuugggggly knobRead More →