I am a subscriber to Food & Wine magazine and read it each month from cover to cover. I read the editorials, recipes and I look at who advertises in the publication. One of the things that has drove me nuts for years was seeing the promotions for their Food + Wine Festivals. They would have these awesome chef-centric and food gatherings everywhere….South Beach, New York, Cancun, Nashville to name a few places.  But what about Chicago????? I would look at all the pictures of the people eating, drinking and being merry. I want to be merry. I want to toss my head back laughingRead More →

Did you hear me the other day? At the top of my lungs, I was screaming “You want to do what?” After all these years later, Hubby has finally lost it. It all started when he came home from work. His routine is to walk in the door and start telling me about his day while he takes off his work clothes. (It is kind like Mr. Rogers but instead of putting on a nice cardigan, he pulls off his pants.) So my sweetie walks in and says the thing no wife wants to hear the minute her husband walks through the door. I’m notRead More →

Nefarious. Nefarious? I know I have heard that word before but I wasn’t positive of the meaning. There is a commercial on television that uses that word. Kudos to an advertising group that uses words with more than three syllables! It was kind of refreshing for me to hear a word and have to look it up.   (I should edit that to a word I need to look up that isn’t slang!) I recorded the commercial and couldn’t tell what the word meant. Why I thought this was an easier method than looking it up is beyond me. I watched the commercial about 2 15Read More →

I will have to apologize to all my anti-gardening, tomato hating readers. I think the next couple blogs are going to be tomato-centric. When I planted my garden this year, I went a little bananas on tomatoes. (I would not recommend actual bananas on tomatoes. Besides the fact that I really despise bananas, that combination sounds dreadful.) I started my plants indoors from seed and went a little overboard. I kept thinking my plants seeds weren’t going to take. I decided that if I planted 28 plants, I’d lose about half. I was really, really wrong. I think I only lost about 5. (Actually thatRead More →

Do you ever get a song in your head and sing it whenever you are doing a mundane task? It could be a song theme, something from the radio or maybe commercial jingle. My song lately has been one that isn’t one I can explain…Super Freak by Rick James. Do you know the song or at least part of the song? She’s a very kinky girl, The kind you don’t take home to mother She will never let your spirits down, Once you get her off the street. (Part of the chorus:) She’s all right, she’s all right That girl’s all right with me yeah.Read More →

I’ve got kind of a buzz going.   My head is in a cloud and I’m having a hard time focusing. I have taken so many hits lately; I even have the munchies. No. I am not taking drugs….legal or recently legalized in some states. (Seriously, I am anti-drugs….hugs not drugs is my motto!) I am on a tomato high. Our days have finally been consistently warm enough that the tomatoes in my garden are turning all shades of red. From the first flower on the vines to seeing the little start up of the fruit to watching them grow and turn colors, I look outRead More →

Most of the smaller appliances in my kitchen were wedding gifts. I love when I use them because I remember the excitement of that time and the fun of being a newlywed. The problem is that I’ve been married almost 17 years. I am happy that I have been married for so many years (to a great guy, might I add). The problem is that everything is breaking down at the same time. My blender has been my biggest heartbreak. It started having issues a couple of years ago and one of my hubby’s coworkers fixed it up for me. (His name is Bob andRead More →