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Roasted Roma Tomato Soup

I will have to apologize to all my anti-gardening, tomato hating readers. I think the next couple blogs are going to be tomato-centric. When I planted my garden this year, I went a little bananas on tomatoes. (I would not recommend actual bananas on tomatoes. Besides the fact that I really despise bananas, that combination …

Recipe Soup

Mother Nature’s Tomato Soup

The last two years, I have planted a garden loaded with different varieties of tomato plants.  As much as I don’t like playing in the dirt, I do love watching the show as stems grow and the little buds magically turning into beautiful tomatoes.  (And if I could bottle the fragrance emitted from these plants, …

Roasted Tomato soup

Comfort Food: Tomato Soup

Comfort.  By the time March rolls around in the Midwest, I am looking for comfort from the cold in everything.  I want a big fleecy woobie (blanket made from fleece with a colorful pattern) around me at all times. My weekend wardrobe consists of something with elastic around the waist and fuzzy material.  (Yes, I …