The leaves are starting to change colors and there is briskness in the morning air. The smells of the outdoors have lost some of the floral essence and now smell woody. The warmth of the sun seems to be powering down and there is just enough chill to make me want to stay home. It is fall. Now it may not seem like it but fall is MY season. If there were such thing as a spirit season this would be mine. I just love almost everything about this time of year except for one thing….my garden. I emotionally have a hard time when myRead More →

I will have to apologize to all my anti-gardening, tomato hating readers. I think the next couple blogs are going to be tomato-centric. When I planted my garden this year, I went a little bananas on tomatoes. (I would not recommend actual bananas on tomatoes. Besides the fact that I really despise bananas, that combination sounds dreadful.) I started my plants indoors from seed and went a little overboard. I kept thinking my plants seeds weren’t going to take. I decided that if I planted 28 plants, I’d lose about half. I was really, really wrong. I think I only lost about 5. (Actually thatRead More →

The last two years, I have planted a garden loaded with different varieties of tomato plants.  As much as I don’t like playing in the dirt, I do love watching the show as stems grow and the little buds magically turning into beautiful tomatoes.  (And if I could bottle the fragrance emitted from these plants, I think I would be rich.) The colors of the tomatoes range from a bright sunshiny yellow to a rich purple to a glorious red.  It is like watching a movie directed by Mother Nature as I see the colors change over the season. And after they are picked, theirRead More →

Roasted Tomato soup

Comfort.  By the time March rolls around in the Midwest, I am looking for comfort from the cold in everything.  I want a big fleecy woobie (blanket made from fleece with a colorful pattern) around me at all times. My weekend wardrobe consists of something with elastic around the waist and fuzzy material.  (Yes, I wear pajama pants around the house but ONLY the house.)  And all of my meals must be HOT and give me comfort from the cold! A comfort food is defined as a food which invokes a positive emotion in your brain. You don’t consciously remember when you first ate thisRead More →