How caught up to you get in word definitions?  Do you feel the need to correct people?  Do you let it slide because it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things?  Do you deliberately say things improperly just to see if your “friend” will correct you?  (This is one of my favorite games to play….you’ve been warned) I say a lot of things wrong. (Stop looking surprised….or feigning a look of surprise.)   I either pronounce words wrong or say them in the wrong context.  (I just looked up context because I wasn’t confidence that it was the correct word.)  I sometimes just haveRead More →

It is funny. Before I write a blog, I try to research the topic to make sure I am being somewhat factual. (Nope, that isn’t the funny part.) I mean, just in case my blog comes up in someone’s search engine on a topic, I want to be considered a good resource. (Still not the funny part.) The funny part is that I was looking up information on Fat Tuesday and I really couldn’t find a lot of material that matched. (Maybe that isn’t very funny either.) I information pointed it to being the day of feasting before the season of fasting for lent. IRead More →