How caught up to you get in word definitions?  Do you feel the need to correct people?  Do you let it slide because it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things?  Do you deliberately say things improperly just to see if your “friend” will correct you?  (This is one of my favorite games to play….you’ve been warned) I say a lot of things wrong. (Stop looking surprised….or feigning a look of surprise.)   I either pronounce words wrong or say them in the wrong context.  (I just looked up context because I wasn’t confidence that it was the correct word.)  I sometimes just haveRead More →

Brrrrr!!!!  If you don’t live in the Midwest, I consider you lucky right now.  The last two days have been filled with incredible amounts of snow and wickedly low temperatures. It is so cold… cold is it…it is so cold that we are eating with plastic silverware so that our forks won’t stick to our tongues. Our area of NW Indiana is known for being part of the Snowbelt and we lived up to that name last night.  It has been bad enough that a state of emergency has been declared and we are being asked to stay off the roads.  (I couldn’t even seeRead More →

  I have found as an ex-picky eater that the more I learn about a food, the better odds I will have to prepare it perfectly.  But what do you do with a food that has a bad reputation like Okra.  It doesn’t matter what I read about okra, someone will mention the “slime”. I’m sure Okra isn’t thrilled with it’s name always being assoiated with slime.  So I took it on myself yesterday to clear Okra’s good name. I found 3 general thoughts on cooking the slime away. The first, suggests to freeze it.  The second was to wash, dry, steam, and dry again. Read More →