When does a saying turn into a cliché?  I never realized that “clichés” were frowned upon.  I have a bone to pick with the people who are on the anti-cliché wagon. I thought there was no time like the present to publicly support these taboo sayings.  It actually makes me feel like I have a bee in my bonnet when I read all the banter about how clichés show a lack of creativity in a person’s writing.  (And yes, I am using clichés on purpose in this blog.) I don’t want to beat a dead horse but I lean toward a cliché in myRead More →

The door was pushed open with a gust of wind. As some leaves whooshed past the doorway, everyone in the bar turned the head to see what was coming next. They could hear a slight rustle as she walked in. With curly hair blown over her face, it took a moment for folks to realize this woman was quite disheveled. Her glasses were a little crooked on her face and her lipstick was a bit smeared. (Kind of like she just learned to put it on for the first time and then tried to make SWAK marks on an envelope.) Her top was inside outRead More →

Do you remember that moment you fell in love? I’m not talking about only falling in love with a person; I’m talking about falling in love with a “thing.” Maybe you fell in love with a house that was on your block that seemed like a dream home. Maybe it was a car that your friend’s dad drove and you knew one day you’d search until you had one just like it. It can even be something like a dog breed that for some reason makes you smile just by looking at it. All of my love moments are set in my head like theyRead More →

Growing up as one of three girls, I have always had a fondness for TV shows that featured that sisterly component. From everything to the Brady Bunch to Little House on the Prairie to Full House, the bond of the sisters always made me feel lucky to have that same kind of whacky madness in my own home. (I think my relationship with my sisters would be more of a HBO series rather than anything suitable for network television.) The one show that really made me want to have a TV sister was The Waltons but not for the reason you might think. It wasn’tRead More →