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Here I Ham Again On My Own

I treat holidays like “opposite days.”  Most people get the urge to jump in the kitchen during the holidays.  They cook more dinners than they would normally and they bake cookies like a Keebler Elf.  (Is it politically correct to still call them elves?) Me, on the other hand, gets really lazy about cooking.  I …

Foodie Fun Days

Foodie Fun Day: bellyQ

Resolutions.  Every year, I look back on my computer and read my list of goals that I made before the new year.  Last year’s resolutions were probably similar to many of your own….exercise more, watch television less and do more for other people.  (Okay, I didn’t get much exercise in while watching TV but I …

Side Dish

Understanding Garlic Bread

There are a lot of things I don’t understand…for example, maps and geography.  (Or are those the same things?  That is how much I don’t understand them.)  Either way it is a subject matter that doesn’t click in my brain. I also don’t understand push-up bras.  Why do you want to fill your bra with …