I treat holidays like “opposite days.”  Most people get the urge to jump in the kitchen during the holidays.  They cook more dinners than they would normally and they bake cookies like a Keebler Elf.  (Is it politically correct to still call them elves?) Me, on the other hand, gets really lazy about cooking.  I don’t wake up and think what I’m making for dinner like I usually do.  I think of how to have enough leftovers in the fridge so my husband can fend for himself.  (Which is a reason that it is good that I am not a Keebler Elf or he wouldRead More →

Resolutions.  Every year, I look back on my computer and read my list of goals that I made before the new year.  Last year’s resolutions were probably similar to many of your own….exercise more, watch television less and do more for other people.  (Okay, I didn’t get much exercise in while watching TV but I do think I did more for others.) One of my other resolutions, that shouldn’t surprise you. was food related.   I vowed that in 2012 I would eat at Chef Bill Kim’s newest restaurant, bellyQ (1400 West Randolph Street, Chicago). With less than two weeks left in the year, I wasRead More →

My Dear Readers.  I had a post scheduled this morning about a “fun day” I had on Friday.  As much as I want to share my food adventure, I want to take a couple of days and regroup my thoughts.  I have feelings of guilt that while I was eating a fabulous feast, there was something horrible happening in our country. I drove home happy, full and clueless. Being that today is Monday, the first school day after the tragedy, I know my parent friends hugged their children extra tight before sending them to school.  I will do the same when I see all theRead More →

This is the time of year that I get a lot of questions emailed to me.  Easy ones like asking for simple appetizers to bring to a cocktail party.  Or where do you find certain cooking items.  I usually can respond quickly and accurately.  (I have also been asked some freaky stuff but I’ll keep this family rated today.) So one of my readers is doing a Christmas breakfast for her large family and wanted some menu suggestions.  I sent her a simple menu of egg casserole, stuffed French toast, fresh fruit and some sort of potato dish.  Oh…and bacon.  Ta-dah. But then something happenedRead More →

Substitute.  Is it a good word or a bad word?  Do you hear it and shudder or jump for joy?  I started thinking about that word yesterday.  It is kind of interesting that substitute is such a simple word and yet has many connotations.  (Yep, that is the kind of stuff I find interesting.) For example, a substitute teacher could be a good or bad thing.  If you love your teacher and would miss her presence, a substitute coming to the class would be enough to make you play sick and go home from school.  (I never did that, I swear.) Or maybe the substituteRead More →

There are a lot of things I don’t understand…for example, maps and geography.  (Or are those the same things?  That is how much I don’t understand them.)  Either way it is a subject matter that doesn’t click in my brain. I also don’t understand push-up bras.  Why do you want to fill your bra with padding or gel?  Eventually the person you want to notice your northern hemisphere ( map talk?) is going to find out your secret. For whatever reason tonight, I just started thinking about things that don’t make sense to me.  (You should now be thinking, “Barb, I don’t get this post. Read More →