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Balls To the Wall

Balls to the wall. That saying has a different meaning for a lot of people. If you are an athlete, it probably means you are doing your best and pushing yourself. If you are like me, it means it is time to start canning!!! Every summer around Labor Day, I start pulling my Ball jars …

Canning Sauce

Peach is the Word

Sing to the tune of Grease I solve my problems and I see the light I got a lovin’ thing, I gotta can it right There ain’t no danger I can’t go too far I start believing now and get ready the Bell Jar Peach is the word   I think their ripening is just …


Yes, I Can!

Watching the vines grow, I look at my cute little vegetable garden and think of so many things.  First, I find it quite beautiful with its different shades of green leaves growing larger and more radiant daily.  The colors have expanded recently to include bright hues of reds and oranges on my tomatoes and peppers. …