Do you like idioms? Some of you are refraining from answering because you are googling “What is an idiom?” That is okay, I’ll wait.   Are you done? Your spell check just looked up “What is an idiot?” (Not the same thing but you may think differently after reading this post.) An IDIOM is an expression, word, or phrase that has a figurative meaning or the associative or connotative meaning.   An example would be a phrase like “chip on your shoulder.” Chip on your shoulder which is supposed to mean being angry or having an attitude about something…wait…I do have actual chips on my shoulder…I’m a messyRead More →

So Thanksgiving is next week…what is your favorite part? The food? The people? The memories? The anxiety? (I’m saying this for a friend…yep…let’s go with that.) I thought a good post for this week would a few helpful thoughts to make next week’s dinner the best ever. Have NO expectations….expectations lead to disappointment. If you have a turkey, you should just be grateful. You will live if it is dry, overcooked and cut up like it went through a wood chipper. (I swear…these aren’t my experiences it is my friend…um…Sally…yep…she is the one who told me to say this stuff.) Don’t talk politics…that is goingRead More →

The anger. The resentment. The name-calling. The accusations. The foulness. The glares. The ignorance. The bitterness. The pettiness. The disillusion. These are the words that keep streaming past my eyes when I think of one thing….being apathetic to pasta noodle options. It is such a personal decision and people take great pride in their choice. How can we come to a resolution and decide that no matter which noodle we love best, there is a place in this world for all shapes and sizes of pasta.  (Unless you don’t like pasta at all and want to go live in Canada.) I started to think aboutRead More →

As much as I hate talking about politics and would rather talk about food, I can’t get past today without pointing out the very obvious…it is Election Day. My husband and I went out and voted this morning. The line got long fast (2 of the 7 machines were already down). As more people would enter, I would see some familiar faces like my doctor, my mailman and police officer I know. It was starting to look like a Village People concert…even if they had broken out into a verse of YMCA….it wouldn’t have been the most abnormal thing I’ve seen during this election. AsRead More →

Make good choices. This is what I tell my husband every time he has to make a food decision when I’m not around. Like a cute little angel on his shoulder, I like to be a constant reminder that the pantry can be the devil sometimes. To him a balanced meal is holding the bag of M & M’s in one hand while shoving cookies in his mouth with the other one. I’m no saint when it comes to pantry temptations.  The only difference is that he goes for sweet treats and I go for salty. My biggest weakness is potato chips. I like everythingRead More →