Rest in Pink

Rest in Pink

I am a firm believer that life is like a book.  It can be long or short.  It can be well written or it can be a bit of a mess.  It can be of great historical importance or it can be almost so surreal that it seems like science fiction.

There are chapters that capture our hearts and there are chapters we would soon rather forget.  It can be so fascinating that there may be volumes or it could be so slow you may just want to peek at the cliff notes.

And in most good books you can look at the people who you would want to dedicate it to and maybe a few you may tuck back in the reference area.

No matter what book your life has become….if your bookmark falls out…you may feel a bit lost.  Your bookmark can be anything from a house you are leaving or a job that no longer exists.  It can be as important as the day you met your best friend or as simple as a time when you cut your hair.

A bookmark was lost this weekend and honestly, I’m not sure how people are going to find their place without going back or skipping ahead.

It was a special bookmark that made everyone feel like they could close out bad chapters in their lives and anticipate getting to the next.  It was the bookmark that made us appreciate our stories and combine each book into a better compilation.  It was a bookmark no one ever said a bad word about and it touched so many pages.

It was one of kind.

It was pink.

My heart today hurts not only for how losing this bookmark is going effect my own story but knowing the larger impact it will be on others who I love so very much.  I know it will never be replaced but on the same note, it did the job right and left pieces of itself within everyone’s life.

Our stories will all continue and the pages will turn but not one of us will ever be able to deny that we wish we had our bookmark back and the place it held in our life.

You will be missed, Aunt Jinny.

I will never be able to let the world know enough how much I appreciate the love you showed me and how you truly made me part of your family from day 1.  You enhanced some of my chapters and made me a better book.


  1. You do have a wonderful way with words, Barb. Love this analogy and bless you for writing it!

    1. Author

      I’m glad you liked it. She was one in a million and it is a joy for me to see pieces of her live in each one of her girls (and grand girls). 🙂

  2. Barb,

    I cannot express enough how much you mean to me and how grateful I am for this wonderful tribute to my mother. Love you@


  3. Barb, you’ve outdone yourself. I am so touched that you felt so inspired by Mom’s life & essence to write this insightful look at life. I second Darlene that this is a beautiful analogy, and ditto Colleen’s comment that it is a wonderful tribute.

    Thank you for giving us this special, loving observation that is so personal AND so universal! I encourage you to give it an even wider audience by submitting it for publication. Anyone at a crossroad, or who has lost or misplaced their “bookmark,” will find solace, guidance, & inspiration in your words.

    1. Author

      Marcie, You brought me to tears. Your mom and I connected from the first time I met her. Little did I know at that time that with her love I was going to get a rollover from so many amazing women. I will look into the publication and once again am so sorry that she is gone but so happy she left such a great legacy behind. Hugs and love.

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