Cinnamon.  Ranch Dressing.  Cajun Seasoning.  Dill Weed.  Mayonnaise. Garlic. Don’t worry that isn’t a shopping list for today’s recipe, it was the answer to a question I asked some friends…” What is a guilty pleasure ingredient you abundantly add to a dish when you are eating alone?” For me, it is lemon pepper.  (You know the Lawry’s bottle with the yellow top in the pantry.)  It isn’t that I feel it is an authentic taste of fresh lemons and the bite of fresh cracked pepper…it is that particular mix that I like.  The flavor is kind of sour but then there is a mix ofRead More →

When you are with someone for numerous years, you do one of two things. You can either fall even more in love with them or you can start to hate some of the littlest things about them. My hubs and I have been together almost 19 years. Hmmmm. Where are we? I think for the most part we really dig each other. He likes my squishy parts and the color I dye my hair. He looks past my old lady eyeglasses and says I’m pretty. And when I dress up I think I can hear a “BOING” when he sees me enter the room. IRead More →