I like to twirl…..and twirl….and twirl.  Do you twirl? I can walk in my yard and just start to spin.  My arms spread out and my head tilted back.  I spin for only a moment, just enough to get my hair flying and feel a gush of wind on my face. It is an amazing feeling of freedom and lightheartedness that usually is reserved for little kids. It is that sense of not having a care in the world.  You are immune to everything.  It is uninhibited and it is fabulous!!! I think that is why I like to use the word twirl whenRead More →

This last week has definitely felt like spring to me. I wake up to the birds chirping happy melodies, the trees are displaying every shade of green and the sun just seems to be brighter. I can open a window and smell the freshness only a spring breeze can provide and the temperature is neither hot nor cold. It makes me want to run through a field with wildflowers in my hair except that I don’t run so I’ll mosey through a field with wildflowers. (Unless it is buggy, I’m not a fan of bugs.) Another spring awakening also occurs in the food world. ThingsRead More →

I decided today that there would be no conditions to this blogpost.  I’m going to make it an open field and just let the truth come out.  (I learned on television this week that you can really start a buzz about something if you say those sentences first.) My original intent today was to get on my cereal box (same thing as a soap box just tastier inside) and talk about current events.  It seemed the only thing we heard on the news was stories about people who weren’t living honest lives.  (Is this where I should toss in the word “allegedly” so I don’tRead More →

The end of summer means different things to people.  For some, it is a time to close up the pool and put the boat in storage.  (I fit in neither of those categories.)  For others, it is a time for one last vacation at their summer home on the beach.  (Not me…but if you have any of this cool stuff I’d love to be your friend.) For me, the end of summer is also a solemn time.  It means soon I won’t have fresh herbs growing in my backyard at my beck and call.  It also means that I had better harvest what I haveRead More →