How do you get things done? Do you just do it? Are you a procrastinator? What is your motivation? I recently have figured out that I can get just about anything done if I offer myself a reward. It makes me feel better, kind of like getting a smiley face sticker on homework or a pat on the back for a job well done. On the same note, if it doesn’t get done, I punish myself. Now so you don’t think I live in some weird masochist world. (Wait, masochist is a sex thing….maybe not the right word…because I don’t….that is weird…those handcuffs were aRead More →

Happy Chinese New Year!!!! On February 8, the year of the monkey began. According to a reliable source (the Internet) people born in the Year of the Monkey are witty, intelligent and have magnetic personalities. Clever in financial matters and career, lively and versatile, gentle and kind, these traits make them ideal partners if you want an everlasting love life. However: They must watch their tempers and a tendency toward arrogance. (Here is a great article on the Monkey if you want some fascinating trivia to share with your friends.) I have a HUGE secret that I wanted to share with you all. Monkeys makeRead More →

About a month ago, my husband, Earl, and I went to dinner with one of Earl’s coworkers, Eric,  and his wife, Laura.   While eating dinner, Earl, Laura and I started discussing our love of reading.  (Eric kept his mouth full during this conversation, since he only likes books with pictures.  Just kidding…he doesn’t like any books). As we continued talking, we realized that our reading interests were very similar.  I’m not sure who thought of it first but we decided we needed to start a book club.  We rattled on about books we were interested in reading and different friends who may want to joinRead More →

As much as I love to cook, I still have nights that it seems like a chore.  I don’t think it is the actually process of making the food that wears me out, it is the fact that I’ll have to clean it up when it’s done. I’ve tried to leave clean up until the next morning but that is bad scenario in itself.  The dishes are harder to clean and there is no joy in waking up to a mess.  I learned the hard way that fairies do not come into the house and clean your kitchen when you sleep.  Garden gnomes don’t doRead More →