I have not written a post for over a week. I have to admit, I haven’t written because I’ve been kind of angry. I don’t feel well….again. It is rare that I have a pity party that lasts more than a day but this one I’ve had trouble shaking. Just as my energy started to become a little stronger, something due to my Crohn’s Disease has hit me and knocked me on my butt. (And if you have seen my butt you will know there isn’t much padding for me to land on.) This little setback has made me furious. I have cancelled dates withRead More →

Writing a food blog is more humbling than one might imagine. You get to have experiences with people and food that are unimaginable. And with each of these occurrences, I sit and wonder how did I ever get so lucky. (Kind of like how the players must feel when they get to a Super Bowl.) When I am talking about the people, I am not only talking about the famous ones. I am really talking about my readers. I’ve recently gotten some email requests asking me to update you all on my health. I always am hesitant to do this on a food blog butRead More →