*Small edit….spell check had spelled “gochujang” wrong….I think I corrected it.  🙂 Every time I introduce a “new to me” ingredient” (like the gochujang in my last post) I get feedback. Some folks find the information very usual and can’t wait to try it on their own. (Gold Star!) There are folks who claim they can’t find the ingredient in their area. (But given how quickly they respond to the original post…I’m guessing that is an excuse not to try something new.) There are folks who think I have been living under rock because they have been using that “new” ingredient all their life. AndRead More →

How do you feel about evolution? Don’t worry I’m not going to get all book smart on you and start on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. (Um, because this is a food blog and not Scientific America…and because I would need someone to explain it to me first.) I’m curious if anyone has written a theory on the evolution of food preferences. Basically it could be a theory on trying new foods. Probably categorized somewhere in the psychology department, I think we can all learn to eat ALL foods if we learn to stop psyching ourselves out and make them at home first…mixed with foods weRead More →

I’ve got a problem. I know there are some of you that just gasped and sat down. You grab a tissue and take a deep breath. You know that it must be big and you are just not sure you want to start you week by reading something that might not be cheery and wonderful. But alas, it is only minor and for many of you who know me you probably already know what it is. No, I’m talking about the Monkey thing. (I don’t see that as a problem…it is normal for an adult woman to talk to stuffed monkeys.) Are you asking ifRead More →

I have been cursing a lot of folks lately. Not is a voodoo kind of way. I just think of something I don’t like and say “Curse you..blank-ity…blank…blanks.” This morning I was cursing all the folks who were rejoicing in the 60-degree weather we had in January and February because today in NW Indiana it was cold and snowing. I would much rather have had this in the earlier months when I expected it than have it now when my internal clock and daylight savings says I’m approaching spring. The curse I bestowed on these people actually left my husband a bit speechless because IRead More →

The door was pushed open with a gust of wind. As some leaves whooshed past the doorway, everyone in the bar turned the head to see what was coming next. They could hear a slight rustle as she walked in. With curly hair blown over her face, it took a moment for folks to realize this woman was quite disheveled. Her glasses were a little crooked on her face and her lipstick was a bit smeared. (Kind of like she just learned to put it on for the first time and then tried to make SWAK marks on an envelope.) Her top was inside outRead More →

You know what I hate? Technology. Not all technology….just when it makes life more difficult. You know little things like when you are doing the self-checkout at the grocery store and the machine won’t read your barcode because it is crinkled. Wasn’t it just easier to type in the barcode than to wait for some grocery store technician to come and override the system? Or the minute you are trying to take a picture with your cell phone and it wont allow you because it claims you have no memory. When I had a film camera, I KNEW when I needed more film and neverRead More →