I spent most of the weekend getting my vegetable garden ready for planting. Silly cultivating things like picking weeds and moving dirt around. I started a lot of seeds inside this spring and hope that in the next few weeks they’ll be able to make their way off my kitchen table and into the side garden. As I worked in the yard, I did some other basic gardening things in the yard like splitting some plants….and picking more weeds. There was a moment as I was working I looked down at my hands and saw my mother’s hands in the dirt. It made me smileRead More →

I feel like a robin in the spring. I’ve hidden away all winter in my rockin’ robin hideaway and am now ready to fly. I am enjoying the sun shining brighter and the brilliant greens that are growing on our lawns and in our trees. Unlike the robin, I am lucky and don’t have to poke my beak in the Earth looking for my food. I have the luxury of a kitchen and now that the weather is nice I can go experience some new places a little further from home. This week I drove to Chicago and had a fabulous lunch at Hubbard InnRead More →

Do you still make believe? Do you see yourself as a rock star when you are singing into your loofah in the shower? Do you put on a new outfit and walk down the hall like a supermodel? Maybe when you are training your puppy to sit you pretend to be a lion tamer in the circus. It doesn’t matter what you imagine it makes you happy. I like to pretend I have a restaurant. I am smart enough to know a REAL restaurant is a lot of work. It takes countless hours (and dollars) to make it successful. You need a good team ofRead More →

Sigh. I made it. My heart feels so happy as I close out my 45th year. Like every year of life, I can find lows and highs. There are moments that I wouldn’t mind erasing and there are others that I want tattooed on my memory. I have shed a few tears and have had countless hours of laughter. I have learned this past year that I am plain and simple. I’m good with that description. I am the woman who rarely puts on makeup and loves a good case of bedhead. I feel the most comfortable in jeans and pair of Converse. I knowRead More →

Oysters. People seem to love them or hate them. I wasn’t always one of the people who loved oysters. Their looks intimidated me. They smelled like the ocean. And I was seriously concerned that I was going to choke on a pearl. (I also can admit that I’m not always very bright.) I tried my first oyster about 5 years ago and I finally understood why there was so much fuss made about them. The love of them comes from the excitement of a beautiful tray placed in front of you. The oysters are usually nested in a bed of ice and have tasty accoutermentsRead More →

Love stories. Some of us can’t get enough of them. Some of us hate them. There are ones with happy endings and those that make us cry at the mere thought of them. They can make us love people more and there are some stories that make us realize we aren’t being loved right. I started thinking about love stories this past weekend because I threw a bridal shower this weekend for one of my dearest friends, Virginia. (I call her my Best Friend in Idaho aka my BID and I’m her BIN.) She will be getting married in a couple of months and IRead More →