Dim the lights. Get under a blanket. Cue the scary music. Today I am going to share some frightening things with you so I thought I would set the mood first. Are you ready? (Make sure you aren’t drinking any hot beverages as you read this because I don’t want you to jerk suddenly and burn yourself.) The thing that has the hair on my neck standing on edge today is the……news! Have you watched it lately? It is nerve-racking!!! From the stories they do on theft, violence and murder it is a wonder we leave the house. There is news of terrorist plans beingRead More →

There are a lot of things I love about winter. There is a beauty in the bare trees and snow covered fields. The animal tracks in our yard allow me to see who besides birds are coming to the feeder. The sun seems to shine directly on me as if it knows I am always cold. I welcome the slowness of the season that gives me the time to get some things done in the house. The quiet on the streets because people are only going out when they need something for their homes or to go to work. The peace in knowing that IRead More →

When making dinner what guides you? Do pictures you see on the Internet influence you? Is it a recipe that one of your friends forwards you? Maybe it is as simple as having a regular rotation of meals in your house. For me, it is power of suggestion. I am starting to think I am really simple minded. (I know a few of you are saying to yourself “She is just starting to think that?”) If there is a conversation about food, I will end up making one of the dishes. This isn’t that unusual in my circle of friends. We all like food andRead More →

Birthday Songs. Do people still ask restaurants to sing to the birthday person when celebrating a special occasion? It seems that about 20-30 years ago that was the thing to do. You could do it one of two ways. When your server came to the table you could just blatantly tell them that it was someone’s birthday. There would be hopes of all of the servers gathering around your table with a plate full of whipped cream topped with a candle to honor the birthday person. The song would be quick, the birthday person would blush and it would be over. This technique wasn’t alwaysRead More →

Where did this week go? I am thrilled that it flew by because it was a bit cold and dreary. Add to that, my hubby (Earl) has had to work a lot and I must say that I missed the guy. I am actually looking forward to the weekend so we can have a little time together. (Look for a blog on Monday where I say I am so glad the weekend is over so I can have some alone time.) Besides the quality time together, I love that Earl is in charge of meals on one of our weekend days. As much as IRead More →

Writing Felt Like a Foodie sometimes is overwhelming. There is a pressure to make sure my recipes are correct, ingredients are accessible and it is a relevant post. (By relevant, I mean, it can hold your interest so you don’t only look at the picture….especially today’s picture!  ZOIKS!!!) As I start to approach my 5-year mark, I am feeling a little more pressure. Am I doing new things? Am I reinventing old favorites? Am I funny? Am I funny looking? The big thing for me is to keep making things that I want to eat and finding stories you want to read. (Or maybe afterRead More →

Wanna hear me scream?! Arghhhh! (Wait, it came out like I was scared….kind of high and screechy.) ARRGHHHHH! (There we go that one was a bit deeper and throaty.) Why do I scream you ask? I kind of have something that irritates me and I need to get it off of my back. (I also have an itchy spot on the center of my back that irritates me in the winter. I found a disposable chopstick can reach it perfectly but the only problem is that it itches 20 minutes later.) The real issue is that the thing that bothers me is something I amRead More →

Hooray! The holidays are over and 2016 is safely upon us. I had a truly terrific holiday season with lots of time with my husband, Earl, a lot of delicious food and people who I love. (And some of them love me back!) I think I will always have moments during the season where I feel a little melancholy missing those who aren’t with us anymore, old traditions that no longer exist and the way the world has changed. I’ve grown up enough to be at one with my thoughts, move forward and appreciate the things I have in my life. (But not grown upRead More →