Writing a food blog is more humbling than one might imagine. You get to have experiences with people and food that are unimaginable. And with each of these occurrences, I sit and wonder how did I ever get so lucky. (Kind of like how the players must feel when they get to a Super Bowl.) When I am talking about the people, I am not only talking about the famous ones. I am really talking about my readers. I’ve recently gotten some email requests asking me to update you all on my health. I always am hesitant to do this on a food blog butRead More →

What should we have for dinner? I don’t usually ask my husband this question. It is not because I don’t want to fulfill his needs. (I’m still talking about dinner…not the other naughty stuff.) It is because his response is usually farfetched. He wants something that requires a major grocery shopping trip, hours in the kitchen and sometimes nudity.   (Please note….nudity is not required in a lot of our dinners. There are far too many places for crumbs to get lost!) I know he isn’t trying to make dinner more difficult. It is my fault. When I ask him the inevitable dinner question, I needRead More →

If you put your friends into a Venn diagram, what would be the intersection? Would it be their looks or economic class? (That would be a little shallow!) Maybe it is their love of sports or the outdoors? It could be something as simple as the fact that you grew up together and you remained friends. (Or your mom has had them on a friendship retainer for the past 40+ years.) For me, one of the biggest ways I “classify” my friends is by the food that they eat. I have a subset “A” called my picky eater friends. (Those are usually the friends I’veRead More →

Winter in a small town is like being transported to another world. (I mean a new place not the soap opera, Another World, but that would be kind of cool to live in a pretend soap opera world.) There is a peacefulness because unless you have somewhere to go….you stay home. You get projects down around the house, catch up on old movies and cook…a lot. I am personally enjoying the quietness of home and discovering the hidden treasures that are sometimes right under my nose like recipes that aren’t necessarily new but can be reinvented. The other weekend I was making some sort ofRead More →

“Food Brings People Together” is the newest campaign of Red Gold Tomatoes. As a family owned company, they only work with local family farms to help us make great meals for family and friends at home. Since I am part of Red Gold’s adopted blog family, they gave me a challenge to help promote their Red Gold Simple Gourmet Lasagna Party on Facebook. I’m supposed to make a simple lasagna but step it up a notch. Now anyone who has eaten at our house knows that I take great pride in my own lasagna recipe but I would not classify it as simple. It isRead More →

If I had to give a title to this winter, I think I would call it the Winter of Self-Awareness. (I’m not talking the naughty self-awareness that no one ever talks about.) I’m talking about looking into myself and being aware of some things I want to change. I’ve stayed home a lot due to my health and the frigid weather so it gives me some time to really be introspective. There are little things I want to “fix” like never buy a pair of socks again because they have multiplied in my drawers over the years. I also want to be better about puttingRead More →

Are there words out there you just like to say? Maybe they twirl off your tongue like with one of those cool rolling “R” sounds. (I can’t roll and sound like an idiot when I try.) Or maybe it is a word that sounds like another word such as peanuts. (Wanna have some fun? Talk to my mother in law!) One of my favorite words is pickle. First, it is a great rhyming word. Think about it… tickle, nickel, fickle, trickle, Kristi McNichol. (I wish she were still on TV. I really liked her.) It is also great in alliterative tongue twisters!   Hours of winterRead More →

There was an interesting discussion with my husband, Earl, last week concerning my New Year Resolutions.   No, he didn’t want to add things like wear high heels more often or give him massages every night. (He has been asking for those things for YEARS and they haven’t happened!) It was the part about baking. He read that resolution about baking and immediately said “Hooray, I get cookies EVERY month!” I looked at him and said bluntly “Baking doesn’t mean cookies.” This was the moment I realized I am married to the Cookie Monster. He just stood there and said “No Cookies.” The look of sadnessRead More →

Happy New Year!!!!! Do you make resolutions? Do you need to drop a few pounds? Read more books? Stop swearing? (Damn, I should have thought of that one earlier.) Or are you already perfect? (I am always trying to live up to this standard….note…I said trying.) Alas, I know I am deeply flawed so I have taken about four days to come up a realistic list of things to accomplish in 2015 that would make me (and the world) better. First, I think I need to incorporate more gesticulation in my life. I am a fan of hand gestures like the air quote, the pointRead More →